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Job for a Cowboy Bassist Brent Riggs Lists His Band’s Top Three Drunken Peeing Mishaps

Job for a Cowboy Bassist Brent Riggs Lists His Band’s Top Three Drunken Peeing Mishaps

Considering Job for a Cowboy’s habit of pissing where they shouldn’t when they’re drunk, their last album, 2009’s Ruination (Metal Blade), could well be called Urination. Celebrating his band's new Gloom EP, which hits stores tomorrow—a stop-gap until the Arizona death-metal outfit drops its highly anticipated new full-length later this year—bassist Brent Riggs states the case for a Depends endorsement.

Piss in a Jar-rin
“We were sharing a tour bus with Dååth and Despised Icon on tour in Europe. The show was over and everyone was hammered, as usual. Jonny [Davy, vocals] drank a little too much, blacked out, and went to bed before everyone else. He woke up a couple hours later to use the bathroom. Of course, he was still hammered and had no idea where he was so he rolled over, fell out of his bunk, stood up, pulled down his pants, and just started pissing in the hallway of the bus. Unfortunately, Eric [Jarrin], the small, French-speaking little guitar player from Despised Icon, was in the hallway at the wrong time and caught most of Jonny's urine all over his shirt and pants. Instead of getting mad and pushing him down or hitting him, he kindly grabbed him by the shoulders and directed Jonny's stream of piss down the stairwell. What a peaceful little man.”

Golden dawn
“We were sharing a tour bus with Behemoth, and again Jonny woke up in the middle of the night hammered and just started pissing. This guy Marcus, who was Behemoth’s guitar tech at the time, was asleep in his bunk with the curtain closed. Jonny’s stream of piss was hitting the curtain of his bunk. Confused by all the commotion, Marcus opened his curtain and totally got Jonny’s piss all over his face!”

Black-eyed pee
“In Australia after our show, Bobby [Thompson, guitar] and I walked to a bar across from our hotel. We drank with the locals until the bar closed. We were completely hammered and about to walk back to the hotel. Bobby went to the bathroom to take a piss, and apparently he passed out while he was walking and went head first into a brick wall. The bar owner found me waiting outside and said, ‘Your pal took a spill. He doesn't look so good.’ I walked back inside to find Bobby lying in a pool of his own piss and vomit. He was taken to the hospital and had to get a CAT Scan. We believe roofies were involved.”

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