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John Connolly of Projected and Sevendust Picks the Top Five Supergroups

John Connolly of Projected and Sevendust Picks the Top Five Supergroups

Projected--the supergroup featuring members of Sevendust, Alter Bridge, and Creed--recently released their debut album, Human, which won Revolver's Album of the Week poll last week. Now main man John Connelly, also of Sevendust, selects his personal favorite supergroups.




1. Bad Company "Great songwriting with Paul Rogers voice makes for an awesome combination. Still to this day, Rodgers has one of the best voices in rock. Timeless music."

2. Temple of the Dog "A great one off from a few of the pioneers of the Seattle scene. Great compilation of music written as a tribute to Andrew Wood."

3. Foo Fighters "Come on! Anything Dave Grohl touches turns to gold. One of the best songwriters in music today hands down. Always keeping it real. The modern-day Tom Petty really."

4. A Perfect Circle "In some ways, this band is what I wished Tool might have morphed into. More simple arrangements and simpler songwriting than Tool, which is ironically what put Tool on the map with "Sober." Awesome songwriting and hooks."

5. Black Country Communion "Time to go to school! Joe Bonamassa is one of the best guitar players in the game and his side band ain't too shabby either. Glenn Hughes voice on top of it all makes for some of the coolest music most folks don't know about."

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