Local H Frontman Scott Lucas Picks His Top Five Two-Person Bands

Chicago two-man grunge monster Local H dropped their first ever greatest-hits collection, Local H: The Island Years (Universal), last week. And the band, led by frontman Scott Lucas—who handles both guitar and bass duties via an extra pick-up on his guitar while drummer Brian St. Clair plays beatmaster—kick off their latest U.S. tour on Thursday. In celebration of these current goings-on, Lucas kindly put together his list of the best-ever power duos—besides his own, of course.

Flat Duo Jets
“The first two-man band I was ever aware of.”

Chickasaw Mudpuppies
“The band that made me think I could do it.”

The Spinanes
“The first band—that I knew of— to do it without being blues-based.”

The White Stripes
“Well, we all know what they did.”

Death From Above 1979
“I was at their Beauty Bar-turned-riot show at SXSW and it was awesome —and I didn’t even actually see the band…not through the tear gas.”

Photo by Annie Bangs


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