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Miss May I Vocalist Levi Benton's Top Five Rules of Tour-Van Etiquette

Miss May I Vocalist Levi Benton's Top Five Rules of Tour-Van Etiquette

Touring for months at a time and seeing the same dudes day-in and day-out, is hard enough when you’re in a luxury bus. It’s damn near impossible when you’re crammed into a clunky passenger van. That’s why we asked seasoned van traveler Levi Benton—vocalist of the politely named Miss May I, who release a deluxe reissue of their latest album, 2010's Monument (Rise), tomorrow—for his touring diplomacy secrets.

Back off
“Always respect everyone’s space, meaning no feet in faces and no nasty-ass blankets in your seat. That’s probably the most annoying thing—on top of having no air conditioning and no showers. You just don’t want to be bothered.”

Tidy up
“Make sure to clean up after yourself and don’t hide half-eaten subs under the seats, because that’s what tends to create those mysterious, offensive smells most the time.”

Man up
“Never ever, ever have sweet, mushy ‘I miss you’ phone conversations with your girlfriend in the van! Wait until no one else is around.”

Wake up
“If you’re able to drive the van and trailer, then you drive! No fake sleeping or saying you feel sick because no matter how much it sucks, your turn will come.”

Piss off
“Last but not least, always pour out the piss bottles before someone accidentally tries to drink one of them!!!”

Check out "Relentless Chaos" off Monument below:

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