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Otep Shamaya Lists The Five Famous Figures, Alive Or Dead, She Would Want To Seduce Into Bed

Otep Shamaya Lists The Five Famous Figures, Alive Or Dead, She Would Want To Seduce Into Bed

Since starting Otep in 2000 to rocking numerous Ozzfests to recently dropping the band’s new, fifth full-length, Atavist (Victory; which is reviewed here), striking, outspoken frontwoman Otep Shamaya has been as open about her lesbianism as she has about her left-wing politics. And when it comes to fantasizing about which five celebrities or historical figures she’d want to get freaky with, she’s not not at all shy there either.

“Regarded as the 10th Muse and compared to Socrates, Sappho’s love for women and for words sends my iron soul soaring. Although few images of her remain, her mental gifts and poetic heart are the attraction. I would teach her haikus and write them all over her skin with my lips and tongue.”

“She ruled, not as queen, but as the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Under her rule, Egypt experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity. Intelligence, a cunning wit, and the courage to take on the ancient paradigms of sexism: Yummy. Annnnd she’s obviously into role-playing.”

Natalie Portman
“Beautiful? Sexy? Funny? Yes! Angry rapping on SNL? Be still my heart! But she has an incredibly diverse and impressive skill set: She wrote a paper in high school on the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen, graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology, was [politically active lawyer] Alan Dershowitz’s research assistant, and was a guest lecturer at Columbia for a course in terrorism and counter terrorism. She also speaks Hebrew and has studied French, Japanese, German, and Arabic.  She can V my Vendetta any time.”

Megan Fox
“The eyes, the lips, the legs—oh my! Indeed, she’s amazing. But it’s the tattoo on her back—‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,’ from Shakespeare’s play King Lear—that sets me on fire.”

Joan of Arc
“Because leading the resistance against the invading English empire and seeing angels and hearing Saints and seeing burning swords from heaven is incredibly sexy.”

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