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Phil Sgrosso of As I Lay Dying Picks His Top Five TV Shows

Phil Sgrosso of As I Lay Dying Picks His Top Five TV Shows

There's a been lot of activity in the As I Lay Dying camp as of late--they released their sixth album, Awakened, in September and are currently out on tour on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour (see dates here). The Revolver-sponsored tour is headlined by Asking Alexandria and was set to include Suicide Silence until frontman Mitch Lucker's untimely death.

So, amid all this, what does As I Lay Dying guitarist Phil Sgrosso (pictured left) do to relax? Watch some TV. Here Sgrosso reveals what his top five favorite television shows are.





1. Dexter "Such a clever and twisted storyline. Always full of surprises and never a let down."

2. Game of Thrones "HBO hardly ever disappoints so it's no surprise that this show is one of the best.  Solid acting, intriguing storyline, and brutal fight scenes. Oh yeah, and winter is coming..."

3. Community "I love how off the wall this show gets. They aren't afraid to push the bounds of comedy."

4. The Walking Dead "Post-apocalyptic zombie survival at its finest."

5. Wilfred "I laugh at pretty much everything Aussie actor Jason Gann says. His dog mannerisms are spot on!"

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