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Pop Evil Singer Leigh Kakaty Reveals the Nine Most Evil Acts His Band Has Committed

Pop Evil Singer Leigh Kakaty Reveals the Nine Most Evil Acts His Band Has Committed

For Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty, the name of his band presents a contrast between the syrupy pop of mainstream radio and the evil bite of razor-edged metal. As much as he likes Nickelback and 3 Doors Down, Kakaty digs Pantera and Judas Priest and says his band represents a balance of both subgenres--which explains the crunchy, groove riffs, and badass attitude that seems to contradict the band’s infectious refrains.

There’s nothing more important to Pop Evil than their music, which is why they were so upset after Universal Records signed them, put out their first release, Lipstick on the Mirror, then failed to come to the table when it came to scheduling a release date for their second album, War of Angels. After a protracted battle with Universal that delayed the release of the disc even more, Pop Evil wound up on eOne Records, which seems happy to have them. But Pop Evil don’t want to talk about love or pop. They’d rather talk about evil, and over the course of a hysterical interview, Kakaty spilled the beans on the nine most evil acts Pop Evil have committed over the years.

The Dirt
"I always like the Mötley Crüe story about not washing down there and getting as much oral as you can without cleaning yourself. I won’t name names, but that’s something that’s been explored. You see it all and after a while you realize nothing offends you. You see it all. So anything that can happen that’s new is good because every band’s trying to outdo the other bands with crazy stories."

Mommy Issues
"It’s amazing when you see mother/daughter duos come on, and mothers will sell out their daughters to get a better position with a band member. The mom’s are so into it. They’re usually not ugly, but they’re not as hot as their daughters. And you expect them to go, 'OK, this is my daughter. She’s younger. Be nice to her.' No, no, no. They get pushy. And even when their daughter’s going, 'It’s time to roll, it’s time to roll.' Oh, no. They make their daughter wait. We’ve had times when they’ll both be with the same dude. I don’t know if they get incestuous. I’m sure it’s happened."

Short End of the Stick
"Our drummer [Josh Marunde] got some new drumsticks for a drumstick company, so the stripper, to promote the drumsticks, put them up her crotch. The took a couple pictures of that and put it up on the Twitter page."

Origin of the Feces
"In Southern Illinois in 2008, there was a pool party and everyone was supposed to get naked, but Tony [Greve, guitar] and Matt [DiRito, bass] were the only ones that got naked, so Matt went into the house and took the biggest shit in this kid’s playroom."

"We have a rule, no photos on the bus. There are even signs up on the bus that say that. And this girl came on with her camera. We said, 'No pictures on the bus,' and she said, 'No, no, we’re gonna take some.' So we smashed her camera right in front of her face. We knew her and she was pissed."

Head Bang
"When Tony was playing a BC Rich Mockingbird guitar, this guy was talking shit in the front row and we had one of our boys behind him, so Tony stuck him in the head with the Mockingbird just to let him know what was up."

Party Til You Puke
"We were playing this rap show in this urban market in Detroit and, in the middle of his solo, Tony leaves the stage, pukes perfectly off the stage into this trash can and doesn’t miss a note."

Territorial Pissings
"Before we were signed, we got the chance to open for Black Stone Cherry, and our guitarist Dave [Grahs] got so drunk he pissed himself and walked through their merch and passed out on their merch. And Tony was drunk, too, so they were all trying to fight each other. Black Stone hated us forever. But we just toured with them and we apologized and made up."

Radio Action
"There’s a rule that radio people can’t hang out with band people, otherwise they can lose their jobs. It was a hot little intern that was doing her thing, enjoying her job. Next thing you know, she got a little too excited and screwed my bass player, Matt. All her big bosses, including the program director, were on the bus and they heard it. Next time we rolled into town, we found out she lost her job!"

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