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Sick Puppies Singer-Guitarist Shim Moore Reveals His Five Favorite Bands to Play With

Sick Puppies Singer-Guitarist Shim Moore Reveals His Five Favorite Bands to Play With

Cofounded by singer-guitarist Shim Moore and bassist Emma Anzai while they were still in high school, Australian hard-rock trio Sick Puppies have since taken the world by storm. Their 2009 sophomore smash album, Tri-Polar (RMR/Virgin), has sold over 300,000 units to date, and today they're releasing a new deluxe version of the record including Polar Opposite (a mini-album of re-imagined unplugged selections), three B-sides, and one unreleased track. Sick Puppies have also had the chance to tour with some of hard rock's biggest names, many of whom—like the band listed below—have become fast friends.

"They were the first band we toured with that we were huge fans of before we met them. I was a bit starstruck to meet them. Then I found out that Amy [Lee, vocals] had asked for us by name because she was a fan of the band. She even came out and sung 'Happy Birthday' to me in LA on the second week of our tour!"

Papa Roach
"Another band I was big fan of before I met them. After a few shows with them, it was a hugely humbling moment to hear Jacoby [Shaddix, vocals] yell my name from the other side of the dressing room when I walked in! Now we hang out all the time at shows and play basketball if there's a hoop around."

"One of the bands that all bands admire. I was a huge fan of Morgan [Rose]'s drumming when I played drums, and LJ's voice when I was learning how to sing. Last month him and I talked about singing on a track together for something. It's just a conversation but who knows? It was probably one of my biggest dreams come true for one of my favorite singers in the world to compliment my voice and want to sing with me."

"They're just fun. They showed us how to treat other bands on tour more than anyone. They make a point of coming by everyone's dressing room on the first night of the tour and inviting you to the tour. They also like to invite singers onstage to sing a cover with them during the tour. I have yet to do that but maybe next time!"

"Old friends of ours now. We were pranked on the last show of our first tour with them in the highest fashion: They stopped our whole set before our last song and recreated the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap! Never had it done better."

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