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Sigh Vocalist Mirai Kawashima Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Sigh Vocalist Mirai Kawashima Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Our favorite holiday? Easy: Halloween. We’re eagerly counting down the days to All Hallows Eve, and we’re doing it by enlisting some of our favorite rockers to select the “most metal” fright flicks of all time. So check back right here at every day until the big, bad scariest one of them all. Next up, Japanese black-metal Sigh main man Mirai Kawashima, whose picks were all produced in his homeland, Japan!

Jigoku (Hell)
"This is a cult classic. It's about hell, and I must say this is one of the most fucked-up movies ever made! In the movie's hell, people are skinned and dismembered, and others forced to walk on needles for eternity."

Kyofu Kikei Ningen (Horrors of Malformed Men)
"This is crazy! It's so cheap and cheesy, but you gotta love this! Fucked-up storyline, lots of freaks, and this extremely horrible ending!"

Guinea Pig Series
"Strange enough, but these are some of the most famous horror movies in Japan. The famous serial killer here, Tsutomu Miyazaki, who killed four girls, was said to love the second film, Flower of Flesh and Blood, and it inspired him for his crimes. The first two [The Devil's Experiment and Flower of Flesh and Blood] are probably the best."

"Probably the scariest movie by shock director Takashi Miike. The contrast between the romantic-comedy-like first half and the torture-filled second half is brilliant. The first part is slow and dull, but the ending... Even the bad acting makes the movie better!"

Dark Water
"The Japanese version of the ghost story is dark, atmospheric, and scary—though it has a stupid ending. Actually, I'd recommend the original short novel rather than the movie. It's available in English so I suggest you grab it straightaway!"

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