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Sluggo Picks 10 Dubstep Songs for Metalheads

Sluggo Picks 10 Dubstep Songs for Metalheads

Currently in the midst of his "No Hostages" tour, Phoenix-based artist, producer, and Ultragore Recordings CEO Sluggo stands at the forefront of the fast-rising EDM genre with his uniquely heavy metal-influenced dubstep sound. No wonder then that Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, aka JDevil, handpicked him as an opener on two legs of his band's North American tour. Furthermore, Davis is collaborating with Sluggo, as well as Tyler Blue, in the EDM supergroup KILLBOT, who will release their debut EP in October. Sluggo will also have his own new EP, Engineered to Destroy, out this fall. All this considered, we thought he would be the perfect man to pick 10 Dubstep Songs for Metalheads.

1. Sluggo, "Engineered to Destroy"
"It's the title track from my EP, and it's got a sick riff from Wes Geer, Korn's touring guitarist. In my mind, 'Engineered to Destroy' is what I always envisioned my ideal sound. There's some crazy dubstep, a psycho drop, and grinding guitar. Plus, a robotic voice announces YOUR demise. Welcome to metalstep…"

2. 9mm, "Poison for Blood"
"Alright, this one has another slow riff that builds into a hardcore verse and electronics. This is some serious mosh-pit warfare."

3. KILLBOT, "I'll Fuck It"
"KILLBOT is myself, J Devil [Jonathan Davis of Korn], and Tyler Blue. I had the skeleton of the production and Jon added the guitar. He started screaming, 'I'll fuck it,' and it just sounded so dirty and awesome. You can headbang to this!"

4. Asking Alexandria, "Another Bottle Down (Tomba Remix)"
"Tomba took a completely dope Asking Alexandria tune and made it even doper by chopping it up with this eerie dance floor synth. Scene kids from the UK to Arkansas can dig this."

5. Asking Alexandria, "The Final Episode (Borgore Remix)"
"So Borgore slowed down this one and made it all stripper pole-ready and grimy like he can. Still, the hook is still there. There might be some dead people in the club when the drop hits."

6. Eric Clapton, "Cocaine (Sluggo & Nerd Rage Bootleg)"
"If you don't like the original, there's something wrong with you. Nerd Rage and I updated it. We think it works. I wonder how Clapton would feel…"

7. Lamb of God, "Pray (Tek9 Remix)"
"Lamb of God is like today's Pantera. They're another band you'd better like. Tek9 made the song all cyber and crazy. It builds up like a dance track, while maintaining those sick metal screams. Get on your knees and pray."

8. Deftones, "Prince (Bassnectar Remix)"
"Bassnectar added a little heaviness to this Deftones track. Chino sounds scary over the remix. It's futuristic and violent."

9. System of a Down, "Chop Suey (Sinister Souls Remix)"
"At first, it seems like the original, then it gets all psycho and crazy. It's unpredictable and awesome."

10. Datsik, "Evilution," featuring J Devil & Infected Mushroom
"The homie J Devil sounds totally evil and satanic here. He's become the antichrist of EDM, and you gotta hail him for that scream and crazy growl. Datsik's production is sizzling and sinister."

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