Michael Del Pizzo of Sunflower Dead Picks the Top Five Bands with the Best Chemistry in Rock History

Chemistry is the most important ingredient among members of bands. For proof, there is Sunflower Dead–where the members go way back, with half of the band being comprised of former members of Droid and Two Hit Creeper. With the recent successful release of their self-titled debut record, we asked vocalist Michael Del Pizzo (pictured left) what bands had the best chemistry in rock history.





1. Guns N’ Roses circa 1987 “The greatest example ever from the greatest rock debut, Appetite for Destruction, in music history. No explanation necessary.”

2. Led Zeppelin “Truly, the only band to ever have four complete cornerstone members.”

3. AC/DC with Brian Johnson “Even though Bon Scott is one of my idols, Back in Black was the combination of everything AC/DC individually ever did with so much more and a lot of Mutt Lange thrown in!”

4. Metallica “Bottom line, the best example of the chemistry of egos and how Kirk Hammett balanced out both Lars and James so this band could become what they became.  They would have imploded by keeping Dave Mustaine in the fold.”

5. Korn circa 1994 “Not even sure these guys knew at the time how important what the five of them were doing naturally on their first record. It would influence an entire generation of rock and metal fans. It wouldn’t have happened that way unless it was those specific five guys.”


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