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Uneasy Listening: 04/01/11

Uneasy Listening: 04/01/11

What gets us through the work week over here in "Revolver-land," as Lars Ulrich calls it? Hard rock and heavy metal, of course. (And occasionally something a little softer. Hey, you got a problem with that?!) So every Friday we're going to be posting some of the albums that our staff has been rocking over the past week. Maybe you'll find something you like—or at least something to bust on us about.

Brandon Geist
Editor in Chief

A Pale Horse Named Death, And Hell Will Follow Me
"Sal Abruscato, former drummer of Type O Negative and current drummer of Life of Agony (Brooklyn!), sings, plays guitar, and writes the songs for this band, while Type O's Johnny Kelly handles drumming duties live, and fuck, this debut album is awesome. Sounds to me like Alice in Chains at their darkest with a touch of Type O. Not out until June 14, but run out and get it then."

Local H, Icon
"Seeing Helmet play all of Meantime on the Metalliance Tour last week had already put me in a '90s kinda mood, and then I got sent a promo of this best-of comp, which sealed the deal. I dug these guys as a kid, and listening to this shit again brings me back. Songs like "Bound For the Floor,' 'High Fiving MF,' and 'Cynic' just sound like the '90s, my favorite decade of music."

Julie Christmas, Coextinction Recordings 5
"Julie's best known for fronting Made Out of Babies, then for her work with Battle of Mice, then her appearance on the Spylacopa EP. But for my money, her best shit is on her solo album from last year. This digital-only EP has two new solo songs and it's out on Coextinction Recordings, the new label run by members of Unsane, so cool all around."

Kory Grow
Senior Editor

Alice Cooper, Killer
“When we confirmed that we’re honoring Alice—one of my favorite artists of all time—at the Revolver Golden Gods, I started going through his discography again. Killer is my evergreen favorite from the original band. I also recommend Brutal Planet if you want to hear Alice at his heaviest.”

Behemoth, Evangelion
“Having interviewed Nergal this week about his current health status after battling leukemia—read parts one and two—I revisited Behemoth’s most recent album. Still slays…just like Nergal.”

Josh Bernstein
Creative Director

Clutch, A Weathermaker’s Dozen
"Maryland’s finest and most bearded return here with a nice sampling of all their hard-to-get B-sides on this tasty new collection. Love the alternate takes, acoustic versions and especially their take on Cream’s “Politician” as well. A real band’s band!"

Anthrax, Anthrology: No Hit Wonders
"The upcoming Big 4 shows have me digging back into my thrash bin. While we wait for the newest Anthrax album with Joey on vocals, it’s nice to rip through the classics from my childhood in Queens. These guys’ breakdowns are faster than most band’s “fast parts.” Caught in a mosh indeed…"

Various artists, Judgment Night Soundtrack
"This is probably my favorite movie soundtrack of all time – right up there with Less Than Zero, The Crow, Repo Man, and Natural Born Killers. But this is the only soundtrack with both Sir Mix-A-Lot and Faith No More. It should also be said, this movie is actually pretty bad…"

Josh Hart
Web Producer

Foo Fighters, Wasting Light
"Dave Grohl tells no lies: this is definitely the Foos' heaviest effort yet. Feels like more of a small club album than one for the stadium; take that for what you will, but I dig it."

Blind Guardian, At The Edge of Time
"This album is probably great for fans of earlier (pre-Nightfall) Guardian, but while it is a consistent album, I think A Twist in the Myth will go down as a more memorable album."

Dropkick Murphys, Going Out In Style
"As is tradition among my group of friends, St. Patty's Day featured way too many Irish car bombs and just the right amount of Dropkick Murphys. Casual and hardcore fans alike shouldn't be disappointed with this one"

Emily O'Neill
Marketing Coordinator

Protest The Hero, Scurrilous
"I've been a huge fan of these guys for years and this album confirms my love for them. I'm happy they didn't stray from their signature badass-ery guitar playing but I am enjoying the unusually thought-provoking lyrics this time around."

Asking Alexandria, Reckless and Relentless
"I found this band on Josh B's iTunes. I usually don't like metalcore at all—but this band rocks hard."

Trivium, Ascendancy
"Every time I listen to this album I remember why Trivium is the best. 'Declaration' is one of the best songs ever written, really."

Cody Thomas
Editorial Intern

Protest the Hero, Scurrilous
"It would've been hard to top Fortress, but this is damn close. What baffles me as how they can be so technical yet write such great, catchy songs."

Meek Is Murder, Algorithms
"Insane new grindcore from Brooklyn, New York. Technical, artistic, and overall awesome. Definitely recommended for fans of Converge and the Chariot."

The Chariot, Long Live
"Speaking of the Chariot. I always liked these guys, but I fell in love with this album. It sounds cliche, but it honestly captures the energy that makes their live shows so legendary."

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