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Uneasy Listening: 04/15/2011

Uneasy Listening: 04/15/2011

What gets us through the work week over here in "Revolver-land," as Lars Ulrich calls it? Hard rock and heavy metal, of course. (And occasionally something a little softer. Hey, you got a problem with that?!) So every Friday we're going to be posting some of the albums that our staff has been rocking over the past week. Maybe you'll find something you like—or at least something to bust on us about.

Brandon Geist
Editor in Chief

Type O Negative, World Coming Down
"Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Pete Steele's shocking death. So I've been listening to this, one of his band Type O Negative's best, doomiest, and most under-appreciated albums. Rest in peace, Pete. Love you to death."

Morbid Angel, Domination
"In anticipation of the forthcoming new album from the greatest Floridian death-metal band of them all (IMHO), their first since reuniting with classic vocalist David Vincent, I dusted off my favorite Morbid Angel record, Domination. Some fans aren't into the industrial touches and the slower tempos, but as far as I'm concerned, all of these just make the band sound that much more evil. 'Caesar's Palace,' in particular, simply destroys."

A Pale Horse Named Death, And Hell Will Follow Me
"I have to be honest: I'm still stuck on this album, Week 3 and counting. And as long as the NYC weather continues being this unseasonably cold and gray, I suspect I'll stick with it."

Kory Grow
Senior Editor

Anthrax, Spreading the Disease
“I was cleaning out my shower last weekend, and I cranked this while doing so. Probably my favorite Anthrax record, personally, Spreading the Disease has great thrashers like ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Aftershock’ that inspire extra cleanness.”

Molested, Blod-Draum
“A Norwegian death-metal classic from the mid ’90s. Aside from being one of the heaviest death-metal bands, they used unusual instruments like the mouth harp and violin. It topped my list of True Norwegian Death Metal from a couple of years ago, and I still listen to it often.”

Duff McKagan’s Loaded, The Taking
“Easily the strongest Loaded record so far, The Taking has been in steady rotation on my iPod since I got the promo. It doesn’t sound like any of Duff’s other bands—Guns N’ Roses or Velvet Revolver—but has lots of cool hooks and even a few Alice in Chains–like vocal parts.”

Josh Bernstein
Creative Director

Whitesnake, Slide It In
"David Coverdale’s whirlwind tour of the Revolver offices this week had me digging back into the Whitesnake catalog to enjoy some classics. 'Slow An’ Easy' is like a lost track of Zepplin’s Presence."

Guns N’ Roses, The Spaghetti Incident?
"I don’t care what people say, I love this record and the covers literally match my own personal list of favorite songs. Good to hear Duff sing a few tracks, too. Maybe he’ll dust off one of these tunes at the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods?"

Sleigh Bells, Treats
"OK, so this album isn’t necessarily metal, but it’s written and produced by a guy from Poison the Well. And it also might be the best and most refreshing album I’ve heard in this past year. It really sounds fucking huge."

Josh Hart
Web Producer

Iggy Pop, A Million in Prizes: The Anthology
"What a fucking range on this guy. Iggy was someone who was always ahead of the times (until the '80s when he was trying to play catch-up, but we're not going to talk about those dark times right now), from setting the stage for punk rock to producing wildly experimental albums with David Bowie in Berlin. This anthology had to be two discs and 40-plus songs to even come close to providing a good portrait of Iggy's storied career."

Opeth, Blackwater Park
"Is it time for new Opeth now? How about now? Now? What about now? Like a hyperactive child in the backseat of a car on the way to Disney World, I'm getting pretty impatient waiting for Mikael Åkerfeldt to lay another slab of heavy on us. Blackwater Park will have to get me through to the fall, when Opeth's new album is expected out"

Pain of Salvation, Scarsick
"This is such a weird album, you can't help but love it. The first two tracks sounds like really heavy additions to The Real Thing-era Faith No More's catalog."

Stephen Goggi
Art Director

Piebald, If It Weren't for Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us All
"It's not funny like 'HaHa'…"

Metallica, Ride the Lightening
"'For Whom the Bell Tolls' will always remind me of high school wrestling matches."

Q + Not U, Power
"They were one of my favorite bands and they always put on good shows. This is a great album."

Cody Thomas
Editorial Intern

Between the Buried and Me, The Great Misdirect
"I'm covering New England Metal Fest this weekend, so I had to crank BTBAM to prepare. I honestly think this is their best album. Each song is so distinctly awesome in it's own way. I'm pumped for their set on Day 3 of the fest."

Opeth, Deliverance
"Day 1 was yesterday, and the lineup was 95 percent metalcore bands, which means I heard a lot of breakdowns. About 10 straight hours of them. I had to put on some prog to put all the metalcore back into perspective. Deliverance is dark, brutal, and gorgeous all at the same time."

Neurosis, Given to the Rising
"I don't think I need to say much to justify listening to Neurosis. It's crazy how they pumped out classic after classic, including this, their latest."

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