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Insane Clown Posse's Violent J On What to Expect at the Gathering

Insane Clown Posse's Violent J On What to Expect at the Gathering

Beginning today, the Twelfth Annual Gathering of the Juggalos goes down in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, and if its bizarre infomercials and past performances suggest anything, it will be four solid days of facepainted mayhem. We stopped Violent J on his way to Circus Magurkus whorehouse and asked him what things a newbie should know before attending the Gathering.

Everyone is your friend
“Even if they seem different. That’s the best thing about the Gathering—everyone’s accepted, no matter how you look, how you talk. People think a bunch of Juggalos will beat you up or make fun of your for not being a Juggalo. It’s not true. They will offer you a cheeseburger.”

Don’t expect to get any sleep
“The nighttime is when the Gathering comes alive. The sun comes up, that’s bedtime. Expect to sleep from when the sun comes up until about three or four in the afternoon.”

Watch out for golf carts
“Expect golf carts to come racing through the grounds at night with drunk artists on them, including yours truly. There’s no police on the grounds—it’s private property.”

The performers are part of the Gathering
“Expect to see the performers in ways you’ve never seen them. Probably Charlie Sheen included. The Gathering is so special, so different, that the performers get into it and do insane things. You never know who you’re going to find wandering from campsite to campsite naked. And this thing brings out the weirdest shit in people.”

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