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Wretched Guitarist Steven Funderburk Shares His Band’s Gnarliest Tales from the Pit

Wretched Guitarist Steven Funderburk Shares His Band’s Gnarliest Tales from the Pit

One of at least seven bands that have existed with the same name, this Charlotte, North Carolina, melodic death-metal outfit has the distinction of putting out one of the goriest videos in recent memory, for “A Preservation of Immortality” off Wretched’s 2009 album, The Exodus of Autonomy (Victory). In the spirit of arterial spray and other nastiness, we asked guitarist Steven Funderburk—whose band released its follow-up, Beyond the Gate, last year—about his group’s sickest mosh experiences.

No one nose
“At our CD release show in Charlotte, this dude had a broken nose and a concussion by the end of the first song. He came up to us after we played and he was stumbling everywhere, vomiting constantly and drunk as piss. His nose was the size and color of a plum. It turns out he was a diehard fan of ours and had driven for four hours to see us for the first time on his 21st birthday.”

Moshers in toyland
“We’ve seen a nice variety of random shit being thrown around, from fruits and veggies to padlocks and sex toys!”

Ear today, gone tomorrow
“We’ve seen a dude with his inch-gauged ear piercings ripped open.”

Nailed it
“One time this guy decided it would be a good idea to circle-pit during our set—shoeless! We’ve still never seen anyone thrash like him to this day. But here’s the gnarly part: After we played, he came up to our merch booth and showed us his feet. Believe it or not, one of his toenails had fallen off, and one of them was barely hanging on by nothing but a piece of disgusting dead skin! That’s metal."

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