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EMPEROR: The MetalKult Interview

EMPEROR: The MetalKult Interview

On Friday, June 1, 2007, Emperor's Ihsahn and Samoth arrived in the Guitar World/MetalKult offices in New York for an extensive interview on the inner workings of their notorious black metal band

(the result is featured in Guitar World's October issue).

The two guitarists were in town to play B.B. Kings in Times Square—one of only three shows the Norwegian group would play in the States. (Click here to watch a live video of “Curse You All Men!” from that show.)

After a long interview, lesson and photo shoot, Samoth—who caught a sinister head cold on the flight over from Norway—politely excused himself to prepare for the show.

But the surprisingly genial and candid Ihsahn graciously stuck around to talk with MetalKult about a range of topics, including the motivation behind his group's early diabolical image, his feelings on Faust and Samoth's incarcerations and how he managed to avoid trouble in Norway's treacherous Nineties black metal scene.

Check this out. You won't be disappointed.


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