LIVE KULT: MASTODON at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple – Part 4



On January 24 and 25, 2008, Mastodon converged on Brooklyn’s Masonic Temple to play two nights in support of experimental doom legends, Neurosis. Because this was the first time Neurosis played New York in over four years—and we’re always down for a good Masto adventure—we had to tag along.

In our four-part documentary, we not only captured some killer live footage of rarely played Mastodon songs, we also cornered the four Mastodudes—guitarist Brent Hinds, drummer Brann Dailor, guitarist Bill Kelliher and bassist/singer Troy Sanders—in the depths of this historic building to see what they’ve been doing since dropping 2006’s Blood Mountain, and to discuss their plans for their as-yet-untitled follow-up.

Check out Episode 3, in which the guys rip through “Hand of Stone”—a song they rarely play live—from their 2006 album Blood Mountain.

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Photo by Jimmy Hubbard.


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  • korrrnnnnyasssjokerrrrrr

    gotta love the Melvins shirt

  • chris krause

    mastadon really takes there music to a certain level album after album.there awsome

  • se7ensenses

    I would of given BOTH nuts to see this concert!!! And in a masonic temple of all the juke joints in americana!!!

  • rich

    mastodon rules – still on my list of favorite bands

  • crustcake gerf

    Part 2 seriously had me ROFL LMAO more than once… funny shit.

  • paul

    notice how they never show brents vocals anymore :(

    and what the fuck is up with the taco shit brent!?!?!?!

    ps: theyre my favoutire band on earth!!! roll on the new album! i hope brents vocals are back to normal for the album/forthcoming tours *fingers crosssed*

  • Tonto Mexicola

    That taco speech made me laugh so fucking hard.
    Mastodon is one of the greatest bands to brace this planet.

  • n8

    MASTODONZthe shit that wuz cool shit an get me a chicken DEluxe with the works man.

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