Review: A Storm of Light – As We Become the Valley of Death, Our Silver Dreams Fade



Led by Neurosis visual artist and former Red Sparowes guitarist John Graham, A Storm of Light treaded an uninspired path on their first two albums, sounding too much like a by-the-numbers approximation of those two aforementioned post-metal bands. But on their verbosely titled new record, they have created a massive and monolithic hour that can truly be called their own. There’s a primal, organic sense of emotion here, and truly huge-sounding production, which allows the group’s simple melodies and progressions to build into epic and hypnotic soundscapes. Well-placed cameos by Kim Thayil of Soundgarden and former Swans siren Jarboe round out the package to create a surprisingly satisfying listen. CLARKE READ

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    It’s JoSH Graham you pansy!