Review: Demonaz – March of the Norse



As the founding guitarist of Norwegian black-metal legends Immortal, Harald “Demonaz” Nævdal delivered the band’s lightning-speed assault until tendonitis sidelined him in 1997. Over the past few years, he has labored on this, his solo debut. Full of Bathory-inspired riffs sprinkled with catchy Maiden-esque melodies, expertly played by Enslaved axman Ice Dale, the album is mostly worth the wait. Demonaz, whose gravelly snarl sounds remarkably like Abbath’s, tells nine tales which harken back to Norse legends—a departure from the frostbitten fantasy lyrics he still pens for Immortal—making March of the Norse slightly more mature than Immortal’s usual. The only downside is, with all their galloping riffs, the songs blur together. KORY GROW

Check out the title track from March of the Norse below:

  • Heundestroys

    these guys write the best metal on the planet next to megadave.the immortal crew write awsum music scapes, this album sounds great. Lykhearted from UNDESTROY