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Review: Revocation - Chaos of Forms


Even in a field crowded with killer musicians, Revocation stand out as amazing players. On their latest full-length, the trio—and it’s hard to believe they’re a three-piece—blast through a heady mixture of technical death metal and wildly precise thrash. But what’s really striking about “Cretin,” “Harlot,” and other beastly workouts are the wildly tuneful and sometimes fun arrangements the Boston band reveal. Shades of Maiden, Scorpions, and Metallica turn up from time to time. On “Cradle Robber,” guitarist/frontman Dave Davidson delivers all sorts of six-string craziness, though his soloing does get a wee bit “Master of Puppets”–like. Still, this kind of Chaos kicks considerable ass. JEFF PERLAH

Check out "Cradle Robber" off Chaos of Forms below:

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