Review: Sourvein – Black Fangs



On their third album in 18 years, North Carolina’s Sourvein finally achieve the feedback-drenched sludge greatness they’ve approached with previous releases. A wonderfully raw production amplifies the awesomeness of slow-burners like “Holy Transfusion” and “Society’s Blood.” But Sourvein—who once boasted Electric Wizard’s Liz Buckingham among their ranks—are even better when they pick up the pace, like on the raging and unhinged “Nomadic.” What really makes them so good, however, is how they’ve nailed the sludge attitude: throughout the album, the band sounds ugly and prickly, like old gizzards creaking out of their cave, squinting at daylight and cursing everyone’s name. GREG PRATT

  • Prof Fuzz

    Been a fan of ’em for forever,long live Southern Steel!!

  • NegativeConductor

    The last album they did “will to mangle” is in my top 10 of albums to play while doing narcotics, drinking and with a girl you cant remember her name. These dudes are the soundtrack of dirt.