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Review: Tombs - Path of Totality

Review: Tombs - Path of Totality

On the follow-up to Tombs’ last proper full-length, 2009’s Winter Hours, the group takes their sorrowful brand of blackened sludge to new heights (or lows). Though just a three-piece, the band has created a towering monument to the post-apocalypse, merging sweeping blasts of wintry grandeur with sprawling sludgescapes. Frontman Mike Hill’s gruff bellows add poignant desperation to punishing tracks like “To Cross the Land” and “Vermillion,” but it’s his bleak and disharmonious guitar moan that throttles the listener into dumbfounded fandom. Easily surpassing the latest efforts by fellow extremist Brooklynites Krallice and Liturgy, Path of Totality sees Tombs become true masters of their dark domain. CHRIS KROVATIN

Check out "Vermillion" off Path of Totality below:

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