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Tim Lehi: Black Metal Tattoo Gallery [NSFW]

Tim Lehi: Black Metal Tattoo Gallery [NSFW]

As we all know, metal and tattoos often go hand in hand. It's much rarer though to find an artist that embodies both pure metal pedigree and wicked tattoo skills. Such is the case with Tim Lehi.

As one of the practitioners in the new wave of U.S. black metal, Lehi creates vicious records as Draguar, and was part of the first incarnation of Twilight, the black metal “supergroup” that also featured members of Nachtmystium, Leviathan and Xasthur. As a tattooer, Lehi works out of San Francisco’s incredible Black Heart Tattoo shop, which he also runs with Jeff Rassier and Scott Sylvia. These guys are literally some of the best tattooers in the country.

MetalKult met up with Lehi last year in San Fran and had the privilege of getting some appropriately diabolical ink (see the Baphomet goat image in the following gallery). We had a blast talking about all things metal and geeking out about guitars, and came away with an awesome leg tat.

Lehi recently launched a blog-- he regularly posts shots of his recent tattoo work, excellent guitar collection and whatever other crazy things catch his attention.

To celebrate the launch of his blog, Lehi provided us with a little sample of the tattoos and album artwork he's created. Below, check out the shots and read what Lehi has to say about each piece.

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