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Top 5 Bands to Watch at Maryland Deathfest

Top 5 Bands to Watch at Maryland Deathfest

When the four-day Maryland Deathfest kicks off in Baltimore this Thursday, May 26, metalheads will have an overwhelming number of bands to check out.

To help point you in the right direction, we asked Brooklyn heavy metal die-hards Tooth and Weibs—members of the band Natur and hosts of East Village Radio's Metal Inquisition Radio Show—to compile the five bands that should not be missed by attendees. Here's what they had to say:

"Maryland Deathfest is one of the sickest things that has ever happened on American soil. Our friend Sean Bell from Rhode Island had been boasting about it for a few years but we could never pull it together enough to go. Then in 2009, Norwegian black thrashers Aura Noir were confirmed to play their first ever American show, alongside bands like Abscess, Absu, Bolt Thrower, Deströyer 666 and a shitload of other not-to-miss bands. This put the nail in the fucking coffin for us and we immediately purchased our tickets and booked the hotel.

When the day finally came to make the trip down to Baltimore from New York City, we didn’t know what to expect. However, when we arrived, it was very clear: tons of vendors carrying our favorite obscure bands’ merch, endless amounts of beer, new bros everywhere and heavy fucking metal! The festival has gotten better with every year and this year promises to be one of, if not, the sickest line-ups of bands to hit U.S. shores. Here are some of the bands we are most looking forward to seeing."

"This band is absolutely unreal and their self-titled debut album has been on constant rotation since it was purchased. This is serious, blazing heavy metal that has unearthly guitars and lyrics that you will have stuck in your head after the first listen. MetalKult just streamed their newest record, The World. The Flesh. The Devil, and it does not disappoint. These Swedes are not to be missed!"

"What can you even say about these maniacs? They’re one of the most fun bands you’ll ever see. They can also be summed up in two words: [drummer] Jim Sadist."

"We had the chance to play with these ghouls at the Live Evil Festival in London last October, which was also their second show ever [they played their debut show the night before in Germany]. Nobody knew what to expect. When [singer] Papa Emeritus walked onto the stage, we were pretty sure everyone shit themselves. They put on one Hell of a show. Haters can hate all they want but this band will make the hair stick up on your neck. For this we’ll burn in Hell."

"After seeing them in 2009 at Maryland Deathfest and having our heads torn off our necks, we seriously can’t wait to see what they have for us this time around. Kristian Valbo from the mighty Kolboltn, Norway-based death metal band Obliteration will be on drums and if there’s anyone to compare to the psycho abilities of [multi-instrumentalist] Aggressor, it is Kristian. Speaking of Aggressor, will he be making it this year? He kicked everyone’s ass during the Inferno Fest in Oslo, Norway a few weeks back. Only time will tell."

"We cannot wait to see this band! If anyone reading this hasn’t heard [the band’s debut album] Epitome of Darkness yet, please, go buy it, download it or ask someone to make you a tape of it. This is the scariest recording we've ever had possession of. 'Voices of the dead, chanting inside your head.' Fuck."

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