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  • Ken

    Why is this not working?

    • Ken

      Nevermind. It helps when you type it in the right way!

  • Desmond

    Is there a trick to this that I’m not seeing? STMREVOLVER13, right?

    • Shane Blackburn

      No, its capital-sensitive, not all in caps.

  • Desmond

    Is there a trick to this that I’m not seeing? STMREVOLVER13, right?

  • nogrin


  • Brett Brennan

    This EP Kicks MAJOR @$$

  • MJ

    everything is awesome as usual! good idea by the way!!

  • Ernest

    Sounds awesome to me.

  • Ernest

    Sounds awesome to me.

  • Stew

    Fantastic! It reminds me a lot of anything Brian “head” Welch did outside of Slipknot.

    • Alexander Mak

      Outside of Korn you mean

  • Ang

    Really liking it! Good stuff!

  • Timothy Hodges

    How can you go wrong w/Joey kicking ass on the skins?

  • Timothy Hodges

    Thanks STM & Revolver Magazine for the free EP! Very cool!!

  • Randall Garewal

    Unbefuckinglivable, it just keeps coming at you.

  • Little Alexandria Slipknot


  • Michelle Martin

    This is SICK!!!! Love it cant wait until I get my CD/T-Shirt bundle…..

  • spike666

    génial!!!! tres bon groupe

  • Stacey Holt

    I love it!!

  • kathy

    thank you! been waiting for this!

  • Kevy

    Brutal, dark and twisted. Just how I like my metal.
    Awesome production.
    Looking forward to the album and a UK tour m/

    • â‘¡ K@ â‘¡

      they’re touring here in November with Ghost & Alice in Chains 😀

  • Necro Daemon

    THANK YOU !!!!
    Awesome group, excellent songs … what else ?!

    Hope they’ll come in France …

  • Don Jimmy Chipocludo Tormey

    Sounds amazing so far

  • Charlie Bagnall

    Sounds awesome & amazing looking forward to the release & seeing them destroy the UK in Nov

  • Metalheadz

    The Password is not working….

    • Someone

      Did you type the comma that Roadrunner put in the quotes?

  • Amanda Shepherd

    I loves it!! Hahaha I just got done pre ordering the bundle 😀 can’t wait!

  • David Samual

    if Corey is gonna make us wait till 2014 for a new Slipknot cd, then this will b a nice pacifier until then. Go Joey!!!

  • Dennis

    Blood Host really is the ultimate headbanging song of this year! Can’t wait for the record.

  • Bruce 88

    I Love It! Can’t wait to see them Oct. 3 @scoutbarhouston

  • Kennedy

    Can’t wait to see you guys at Pop’s in Illinois!

  • FireKnot

    yay i got it to work

  • Tim

    Awesome songs can’t wait for the full album.

  • PaTi Jordison

    Awesome m/

  • Gilraen777

    The password isn’t working!

  • damonlee

    Thanks for the download. Damn I’m looking forward to the full album.,.

  • Jeff Rich

    I can’t get the password to work…HELP!!!!

  • KRuZY1

    The password worked beautifully for me. Thank you for the EP :-)

  • Brent

    The first 4 letters of the password are capital and the rest are lower case.

    • Phil Gentry

      I had problems even after entering the password. Would you be able to email this ep, Brent? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • john chipman

    i love it


  • M@X

    great, i got the full album at hdtracks

  • M@X

    great, i got the full album at hdtracks

  • njchuck

    kick ass

  • Semir MaÅ¡nić

    Password is not working for me..I`ve tried couple of times..STMRevolver13, Right…?

  • Vadim

    Link is not working! Site glitch or wrong password i guess.

  • Matt Hardwick

    Password no longer works!

  • Luca N.

    Just doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything.