2011 GRAMMY Nominees Announced for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance

The Grammy Awards have announced the nominees in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category. You can see them below. This is the first year that there are no separate Hard Rock and Metal awards, but instead one joint category.

Dream Theater, “On the Backs of Angels”
Foo Fighters, “White Limo”
Mastodon, “Curl of the Burl”
Megadeth, “Public Enemy No. 1”
Sum 41, “Blood in My Eyes.”

Let us know what you think of the nominees in the comments below. And don’t forget that the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods award show goes down at the Club Nokia in LA on April 11!


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  • Reddlowe79

    Sum 41? Really? Over Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth and about 200 others that deserve the nomination way more? This is why I hate awards shows.

    • Flbigpapifan

      Sum 41 deserves to be there just as much as the others and becasue they are actually a good band they will probably win against the shit their up against

      • Vitto

        shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    But Buried Alive isn’t on this list. Why isn’t Buried Alive on this list?

    • Mpolidori2

      Album was released in 2010. That is why

      • Anonymous

        Buried Alive was released as a single in 2011 though. The song itself can be nominated.

  • FOO!!!!

  • Ckrovatin

    As always, what a hideous piece of shit list.

  • mike

    They all suck. And nightmare definately should have been on there.

  • Sarahann3871

    Sum 41 definitely doesn’t belong here

  • nomercy

    I think “Five Finger Death Punch” should have made the list!!

  • Mica Azconaa

    i think Avenged Sevenfold you be in that list

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrismhdc Chris Marshall

    I hate the fact that they are combining Hard Rock and Metal into one catagory. But they keep adding awards for the bullshit pop and rap catagories.

  • Chelsea

       FFDP should be on there… but of the groups there Megadeth is the only band worthy of winning anything… :/

  • Andrew Ramirez

    Black Veil Brides deserves to be on this list they have worked extremely hard to get to where they are now and they always do things for their fans. The album Set The World On Fire is a Amazingly Great hard rock /metal album. It’s one of the best in years to come

    • james

      WHAT? are you MAD? that is one of the WORST albums of all time! BVB are an abaolute disgrace to Rock/Metal and they belong in a teenage girl’s bedroom, not in the grammys. And that album got ROASTED by critics with all of them pointing out how monotinous Beirsack’s vocals were

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001814011559 Stevie J Vaughn

    That list is a piece of shit, only Megadeth deserves to be on there.

  • Nick Trandahl

    That list is bullshit. Mastodon’s last couple albums sucked. Megadeth has earned the nomination though.

  • Bubballama

    How bout this?  F*** THE GRAMMIES!  There…that’s better.  Stop caring about what a bunch of industry people think and instead go out and buy the albums and see the tours of the bands you like.  That will make bands a lot happier then a grammy ever could.

  • guest

    avenged sevenfold and FFDP deserve to be there instead of all the rest other than megadeath

  • Sarah


  • guest

    buried alive nightmare and save me or natural born killer should be there

    • james

      A7x really got snubbed here, i’d put them over sum41 any day in that spot, natural born killer is an incredible song, especially with mike’s Portnoy’s drumming.

  • Artemis

    I think Megadeth should really get it

  • Claczynski

    they all suck except megadeth. shove the grammy you know where

  • Guitardrill

    Should go to Dream Theater, they’ve been making great music that has been true to themselves, and they’ve never broken that pattern to be popular, after all the soul they put into their music, they definitely deserve this.

  • I just know

    Its seriously about time Dream Theater gets recognized. I don’t think this is their best song, and they really should have been nominated years ago for how good their works are. Octavarium, 6DOIT and Train of Thought are among their best where I think they should have.
    Megadeth deserves a win for how many times they’ve been nominated and not won, but I don’t think it should be for this personally.

    …and the other bands.. really just no. I’ve listened to all of their tracks and don’t think they’re that great at all.

    I’d say it’s up for grabs between DT and Megadeth. But it’s always been a popularity contest.

  • Metaljenjen

    Difinately Megadeth needs to win!!!!

  • Hangarofmetal

    Dream Theater or Megadeth for sure!

    The rest of the bands… No, just… No. Sorry.

  • edfsaf

    Dream Theater definitely deserves to win!

  • Chtga1980

    Is there such thing as metal anymore?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1029339197 Katrina Thomas Rosiak

    Sum 41?? Not metal, NOT hard anything! My grandmother is more metal than some of these bands….(no disrespect to the Foo Fighters.)

  • Stephh

    Avenged Sevenfold needs to win a Grammy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001053661008 Michael Herrera

    Other then Megadeth & Mastodon are metal WTF. The Grammy Awards DO NOT Represent Americas Music Let’s Televise Some Metal Categories. Just ANOTHER BULL SHIT AWARD SHOW POP/RAP CRAP!!!

  • Metalhead

    have you ever listened to blood in my eyes by sum 41? this song is clearly no pop punk. it’s hardrock. as the category is called “best HARDROCK/metal PERFORMANCE”, it’s just fine to nominate them. performance is not about the band in general, it’s about that one song. and this song is hardrock.

  • Fergality

    You people are seriously retarded saying “oh it’s not metull!!”. It clearly states that it’s a hard rock/metal category. Get over yourselves and your shit taste in music. Narrow-minded cunts.

  • Danziggy77

    megadeth all the way!!good luck boys…hopefully tenth time is a charm…funny too its category 13 same as there new album lol

  • guest

    no disrespect to megadeath or dream theather love both of the bands. Mastodon should win they are one of the most talented bunch of musicians that i have herd in a while! not one of their albums has sucked! and the best part is every album has sounded different. They are not afraid to step out of the box and be different and thats what makes them awesome!

  • G Nz

    Unfortunately it will be the Foo Fighters who will win this as they are the most universal commercially popular band. They are all so nominated for 3 others so this will be the one they are most likely to win. That’s how this award will work now I suspect Unless its Metallica most metal bands will miss out on this award.I hold a little hope and wish that Megadeth finally win one but the Grammys are like the MTV awards now. Most popular wins not the best song.

  • A realist

    Dream Theater is more talented than all grammy nominees in all categories put together sooooo

  • A realist

    Dream Theater is more talented than all grammy nominees in all categories put together sooooo

  • Vitto

    Cris Marshall… Couldn´t agree more brother