2013 Music Video of the Year Poll Winner Announced

After a weeks of furious voting, the results are in on our Music Video of the Year readers’ poll, and the winner is…Avenged Sevenfold (pictured above) for their “Shepherd of Fire” clip.

The top five vote-getters are:

1. Avenged Sevenfold, “Shepherd of Fire”
2. Red Fang, “Blood Like Cream”
3. New Year’s Day, “Angel Eyes”
4. Motionless in White, “America”
5. Bring Me the Horizon, “Can You Feel My Heart”

Check out Avenged Sevenfold, “Shepherd of Fire” below:


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  • Roger Borges

    I’m sorry man, i’m a great fan of A7X, love them to death…but c’mon the music video sucked really bad =// but i’m happy they are on the Top 5.

    • shadowhog

      I’m a bigger fan of A7x, and honestly, most of their videos suck ass, and this one, albeit being mediocre, is way better than most.

      Videos that suck ass: Almost Easy, Afterlife, Seize the Day, etc.

      • PimpT

        Seize the day is Epic

      • Roger Borges

        Yeah the video was kinda cool, it remembered the other ones they did in a certain way but…still, the video kinda sucks, they’re older and i think WISER, so the video should be kinda like Seize the day, which was awesome =D But yeah i’m happy they won ^^

      • MickeySyn

        Are you fucking kidding me?
        Seize The Day is a strong candidate for their BEST video.
        It’s between that and Bat Country for me.

  • matt shafer

    the huntress – zenith- is the #1 video –

  • foREVer Syn

    A7X tried to pull an old fashion Metallica video??? whatev lol… they are my fave band and i will continue to support their decisions… congrats A7X

  • Devin

    Im a big Avenged Sevenfold fan. The videos are pretty cool. But as far as newer bands that have great videos, I will go with the Murderdolls. Its a few years old but they have the coolest videos.

  • CatastrophicChris

    In my opinion New Years Day’s Angel Eyes was one of the best music videos of the year waaaayyyy better than A7X’s video. It had flair and everything needed to keep the audience captivated and what to watch it over and over again. This is just my opinion but in my P.O.V New Year’s Day should’ve won it.

  • Will

    Okay I’m a huge A7X fan but the fucking shepherd of fire music video sucked ass and the video for hail to the king should be #1 not shepherd of fire

  • Arthur

    Yeah, that video is just embarassing dudes… And I’am an A7X fan, so, yep, it’s pretty bad in fact


    WTF Hail to the king had a much better video.
    Shepherd of fire is a great songs but they should have done something like Almost easy, not whatever the fuck this is haha

  • greg

    hail to the kings

  • Borja Fernández

    You gotta be kidding… Shepherd of Fire is not even a good video, sucks a lot…

  • isahhhh

    sinceramente a musica é muito foda, mais o video foi uma bosta, mas mesmo assim fico feliz por eles terem ganhado <3 a7x foREVer

  • jr

    A7X sucks ass.

  • Vengeance foREVer

    I don’t understand all the hate for the video to be honest
    Like all their videos it was fab and it had a great concept