2013 Preview: The Most Anticipated Albums of the Year

2013 is going to be a good year. How do we know? Because some of the biggest, badass-est bands in hard rock and heavy metal are set to drop new bombs over the following 300-plus days. Read on to see just what we mean–and get fucking psyched.

A Day to Remember
TITLE: Common Courtesy
When A Day to Remember released their new song, “Violence (Enough Is Enough)” late last year, frontman Jeremy McKinnon granted Revolver the exclusive interview on the track and the band’s forthcoming album. While the song is one of the group’s heaviest ever and, according to McKinnon, the new record will have “more heavier songs than on the past two records together”–which is fine by us, of course–he also adds that the album represents ADTR’s ongoing mission to be “your favorite band. Period. We’re trying to play all of your favorite styles of music and not have to switch CDs because I want to hear a pop-punk song or a hardcore song or an acoustic rock ballad.” Which also sounds find by us.

Alice in Chains
With 2009′s Black Gives Way to Blue, Alice in Chains pretty much pulled off the impossible: Create a new album 14 years after their last release and seven years after the death of iconic lead singer Layne Staley. As such, Black Gives Way to Blue was named Album of the Year by the Revolver staff and was voted on by the fans to win the same honors at the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods. Singer-guitarist Jerry Cantrell says of the new album, “It’s got all the elements of any record we’ve put out, but it’s unlike any record we’ve put out.” He added, “Basically, it’s the next chapter in the Alice in Chains book.” That chapter was introduced late last year with the release of a new song, “Hollow”–listen to it right here.

Philip Anselmo and the Illegals
TITLE: Walk Through Exits Only
RELEASE DATE: Spring/summer
Preceded by two sampler tracks featured on a split 10″ with Warbeast, titled War of the Gargantuas, which is due out on January 8, Phil Anselmo’s highly anticipated solo album will finally see the light of day this year. Backing him on the record is Houston-based guitarist Mazi Montazeri, of whom Anselmo says, “If Ozzy Osbourne had his Tony Iommi and then found his Randy Rhoads when he went to do his solo stuff, I have found my Randy Rhoads.” The singer promises a “fucking very aggressive record”; we’ve heard the unmastered tracks and they easily outdo the two songs on War of the Gargantuas, delivering a dense, intense mix of extreme music styles–think Deathspell Omega with a hardcore edge and some Pantera groove.

Asking Alexandria
It has been a few monster-sized years for Asking Alexandria: The band rocked the Revolver Golden Gods in 2011, relocated to LA, opened for Guns N’ Roses, headlined the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2012, and pretty much claimed their spot as one of the top young metal outfits on the planet. And it will continue in 2013 as the band will release its third studio album this spring after gracing the cover of Revolver‘s January issue. According to frontman Danny Worsnop, their next album will be “a musical baby of Mötley Crüe and Slipknot.”

Avenged Sevenfold
RELEASE DATE: Spring/summer
Even though they didn’t put out a new record last year, Avenged Sevenfold had a very busy 2012. They won the “Best Live Band” and “Most Dedicated Fans” awards at the Revolver Golden Gods, they played at Metallica’s Orion Music + More festival, and released the song “Carry On” on Call of Duty: Black Ops II and appeared as characters in the game–you check out their appearance and the song right here. In an exclusive interview in late 2012, vocalist M. Shadows told Revolver that the band has about six solid new songs written and they have a Black Sabbath-esque, classic metal feel to them. Consider us fucking stoked.

Bad Religion
TITLE: True North
RELEASE DATE: January 22
Having influenced everyone from AFI, The Offspring, and Parkway Drive, melodic punk-rock pioneers Bad Religion are set to release their, count ’em, 16th album in late January. We’ve heard it and it’s their fastest, most aggressive record since the ’90s. If you miss the days of Recipe for Hate, True North is for you.

Polish extremists Behemoth are hard at work on their 10th full-length, which will be their first since 2009’s Evangelion and the first since frontman Nergal successfully battled leukemia. As of December, Nergal said that his band already had 30-40 minutes worth of new material and was, at the time, demoing it in a rehearsal studio. “I’m really thinking about my record,” he told SkullsNBones.com. “I’m dreaming my record, I’m eating my record, I’m shitting my record… I mean, everything just comes to the same thing: this artistic release that’s gonna take place in the fall next year.”

Black Sabbath
Over three decades since they released their last album, the original lineup of Black Sabbath—vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Bill Ward—revealed in 2011 that they are working on an LP of new songs with producer Rick Rubin (Metallica, Slayer, Slipknot). Since then, Ward acrimoniously split with the band (his recording replacement? Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine), and it was revealed that Iommi is battling lymphoma but is forging ahead with the writing process nonetheless. Iron Men, indeed.

Bullet for My Valentine
TITLE: Temper Temper
RELEASE DATE: February 12
Vocalist Matt Tuck spent a portion of 2012 making a record and touring with his side project AxeWound (which also features Liam Cormier of the Cancer Bats). However, in the fall, things seemed to shift in the Bullet for My Valentine direction when the band released a new single, “Temper Temper”–listen to it right here. The group announced that would also be the name of its fourth record, due out early next year.

After months of rumors, it’s officially official: English grind masters Carcass are recording their first new album in 17 years. Original members Jeff Walker (vocals, bass) and Bill Steer (guitar, vocals) are being joined in the studio by Trigger The Bloodshed drummer Dan Wilding and metal super-producer Colin Richardson, who helmed Carcass’ last four albums. The band is financing the recording themselves and then shopping it to labels. “Fans can expect to be shocked,” Walker tells Revolver. “If it wasn’t good, me and Bill wouldn’t have bothered and we certainly wouldn’t be wasting our time or all the money we’ve put into this. I think we have enough good ideas to justify releasing a new album—we’re certainly not doing it because some label has offered us a huge wad of cash!”

Children of Bodom
Children of Bodom are a band that’s not afraid to have fun–like when they did an entire album of covers by pretty much every artist you could  imagine, metal, punk, pop, and otherwise; more impressively, they did it well. Having renewed a partnership with label Nuclear Blast Records, who worked with the band early on, the next thing on the Finnish group’s to-do list is a follow-up to 2011’s Relentless Reckless Forever.

TITLE: Device
This new industrial-rock project is led by Disturbed vocalist David Draiman, who, while on hiatus from his main band, has joined forces with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo. The group, which is, according to Draiman, in the vein of Ministry or KMFDM, plans to release a single, “Villify,” in February, followed by a full-length in April. Oh yeah, and did we mention that Geezer Butler, Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, M. Shadows, Glenn Hughs, and Lzzy Hale will all be making guest appearances? This one is gonna be huge.

Dillinger Escape Plan
These spazz-metal maniacs’ last album, 2010′s Option Paralysis, was their first on their own label, Party Smasher Inc., and it earned them the “Best Underground Band” award at the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods. Since then, they’ve toured with Deftones and Mastodon and, later in 2012, the band started seriously working on studio album No. 5. Vocalist Greg Puciato says that the new record represents the band’s “biggest jump since Calculating Infinity to Miss Machine in terms of really getting far, far out into Crazyville.”

Dream Theater
Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci said that writing for the prog-metal leaders’ 12th studio album would start following the end of the A Dramatic Turn of Events tour. The band reportedly tested out some new song ideas during soundchecks on that trek, and they plan to reconvene for more serious songwriting work early this year.

Eyes Set to Kill
Eyes Set to Kill toured in 2012 behind their record from the year prior, White Lotus, which they self-released. The band from Tempe, Arizona, is led by sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, featured in Revolver‘s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue. The band’s untitled fifth full-length is expected to be released around spring and will be its first on new label Century Media.

Five Finger Death Punch
As of last fall, Five Finger Death Punch had six to eight new songs in various stages of preparation, according to guitarist Jason Hook. The band was working on material using a new portable studio setup that the group put together in 2011. “The idea behind that is just to keep the creative muscle worked out,” Hook says. “It’s kind of like going to the gym–if you stop for a year, you lose all your strength, and we just want to keep that muscle tight. We’re in the business of making music. Touring is great, but we should always be prepared and always be exercising the creative muscle.”

TITLE: Infestissumam
James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo, and Duff McKagan are all fans of these Swedish cult metal favorites, so get with the program. Ghost recently debuted a new song, “Secular Haze” off their highly anticipated sophomore album–listen to it right here–which adds a new carnivalesque, Danny Elfmanish flair to their already patented Mercyful Fate-meets-Blue Öyster Cult sound. We can’t wait to hear the other nine tracks.

When British industrial-metal groundbreakers Godflesh reunited to play shows in 2010, it was great news—more than a few extreme-music fans, including a couple editors at Revolver, were crushed when the band canceled its 2001 U.S. tour and then broke up the following year. (Godflesh played their first American gig in forever at Maryland Death Fest 2012.) But news that main man Justin Broadrick & Co. are working on a new album, 10 years after the release of their swansong, Hymns, well, that’s a whole other level of mind-blowing.

TITLE: The Divinity of Purpose
RELEASE DATE: January 29
Despite CNN mistakenly labeling them a racist band in the aftermath a white supremacist musician shooting up a Wisconsin Sikh temple, it was otherwise a good year for Hatebreed. The hardcore band spent the year finishing its sixth record, which is titled The Divinity of Purpose. In late fall, the group debuted a new single called “Put It to the Torch.”–listen to it right here.

TITLE: Tears on Tape
Last year Finnish band HIM released a compilation, XX: Two Decades of Love Metal, while drummer Gas Lipstick recovered from a repetitive-strain injury. Vocalist Ville Valo told Revolver the band is ready to get back on the road with new material and said, “It’s exciting in a good way, like, the butterflies in my stomach are the size of fucking giant bats! So that’s a good sign. It means we really care about what we’re doing.”

Judas Priest
The Metal Gods may have announced their departure from the stage, which they commemorated with 2011’s triumphant Epitaph Tour, but the members of Judas Priest swear we haven’t heard the last of them. With the addition of new guitarist Richie Faulkner, who replaced K.K. Downing when he retired and made his debut with the band supporting James Durbin on American Idol, the band is currently working on a reported 12 to 14 new songs that they hope to release in 2013.

Killswitch Engage
TITLE: Disarm the Descent
Early last year, the metalcore pioneers announced that vocalist Howard Jones had left the band citing personal reasons as the cause. Original lead singer Jesse Leach was shortly thereafter re-enlisted as his replacement. KSE then hit the road on their Alive or Just Breathing 10th Anniversary Tour and start playing a new song, titled “No End in Sight,” live last summer.

It may have seemed like the band members’ side projects were ringing in the end of Korn, with vocalist Jonathan Davis spending a lot of time on his electronic work and guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer focusing on Fear and the Nervous System. However, when Revolver spoke with Munky last year, he said Korn had 15 new songs already and was looking for a producer, adding, “We have a big 2013 planned for our fans, for ourselves, and our families.”

In December, singer-guitarist Brent Hinds revealed that he was writing new Mastodon music. He said, “I’m playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radioheadish and very spooky sounding.” The band hopes to record its sixth studio full-length early this year–it will be follow-up to 2011’s Hunter.

TITLE: Super Collider
Regardless of what you think of frontman Dave Mustaine’s politics, there is no question that, musically, he and his bandmates in thrash titans Megadeth have been on a roll lately. The group are neck-deep into album No. 14 and the follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed TH1RT3EN. Dubbed Super Collider, it will be the first Megadeth record to be released through Dave Mustaine’s own label, Tradecraft, which is distributed by Universal.

The loudest band in the world plans on continuing to be just that. The group spent last year touring heavily–including on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival–and releasing two volumes of The Wörld Is Ours—Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else that included live tracks and live footage. Vocalist-bassist Lemmy Kilmister said the band would enter the studio shortly and plans on a release in the summer.

Nine Inch Nails
Industrial kingpins Nine Inch Nails may have played their “farewell” tour in 2009, but there appears to be new life in Camp NIN. This past year frontman Trent Reznor has stayed busy by scoring movies (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network), writing music for video games (Call off Duty: Black Ops II), and recording with How to Destroy Angels, but when Rolling Stone asked Reznor if new Nine Inch Nails material was a possibility, he said, “All signs point to yes. There are some things in the works.”

Last August, vocalist-guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt announced that he had begun writing new material for the forthcoming 11th Opeth album. It will be the follow-up to 2011’s Heritage, which debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. Over the past year, the band hit the road with Mastodon and Ghost, and Åkerfeldt said, “I’m gonna start writing more for real once we finish the tour.”

The recently formed LA supergroup features three former member of late, great post-metal outfit Isis–Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide–along with Deftones’ Chino Moreno on vocals. Harris told Guitar World, “Chino joined shortly after [the three of us started the band] and our sound took shape from there. We’ve worked really hard on this first release and are excited for people to hear it. It’s nice to be back behind the drum kit, and with this lineup.”

Queens of the Stone Age
The latest offering from Queens of the Stone Age is going to be an all-star affair. For it, the band welcomes back Dave Grohl on drums–Grohl previously played on the group’s Songs for the Deaf–as well as former bassist, and frontman Josh Homme’s bandmate in Kyuss, Nick Oliveri. Oh yeah, and then there’s a guy named Trent Reznor, who will be making an appearance on the album. “The record sound like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret,” the group recently told MOJO. “I hope you understand what that means, cause we don’t. Sounds like a load of pretentious shit! What? Gotta go, the therapist says our time is up…”

Scars on Broadway
Vocalist Daron Malakian (also of System of a Down fame) went from a full band to just his lonesome with this side project and recorded this forthcoming new album singing and playing all the instruments himself. Malakian told Revolver, “I was ready to do another Scars on Broadway record. I’ve just been going with the flow, and the flow’s taken me here.” Expect a more System of a Down-esque sound than on Scars’ debut, courtesy of songs like “Fuck N Kill.”

Shai Hulud
TITLE: Reach Beyond the Sun
RELEASE DATE: February 19
The metalcore stalwarts have changed their vocalists many times over the years, but Shai Hulud have decided to stick with vocalist Chad Gilbert (also from New Found Glory fame) this time out. Recently, the band has been participating in large festivals but also plans to play smaller venues as well. Amid all that, the fourth studio album, Reach Beyond the Sun, will release in February.

TITLE: The Living Infinite
“The inspiration is flowing!” vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid said while working on this latest album. And indeed it has been, considering that the Swedish melodic death-metal vets have emerged with not one but two discs of new music. Soilwork began recording last August with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth), After guitarist Peter Wichers left the band for the second time. Strid added, “People can expect a continuation of the intensity and presence of The Panic Broadcast, only taken to a higher level.”

Thrash metal’s Angels of Death had a triumphant 2011 in spite of a few setbacks. After guitarist Jeff Hanneman was sidelined due to contracting a flesh-eating bacteria from a spider bite, the group toured throughout most of the year with Exodus axman Gary Holt and Cannibal Corpse fret-burner Pat O’Brien filling in for shows with their peers in the Big Four—Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Kerry King revealed two song titles for the upcoming album, “Chasing Death” and “Implode,” with a full-length due out this year.

Stone Sour
TITLE: House of Gold & Bones Part 2
Vocalist Corey Taylor set his goals high with House of Gold & Bones, devising it as a double concept album about the journey of life and the choices you make. Part 1 was released in the fall to critical acclaim, which only sets the bar even higher for part 2. Aside from the albums, the project is also being turned into a comic book.

TITLE: The Pinnacle of Bedlam
RELEASE DATE: February 15
These Long Island, New York, death-metal fixtures are set to release their seventh studio album. While vocalist Frank Mullen said he will sit out a few future tour dates–for which the band will be joined by a replacement vocalist–he hasn’t left the group, and Suffocation will drop the follow-up to 2009’s Blood Oath, which will also feature a bonus DVD.

TITLE: Oddfellows
RELEASE DATE: January 29
When Anonymous was released in 2007, the makers of the album were a little less than anonymous. After all, those who follow heralded Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton know all of his projects and follow them closely. The 2013 release on Patton’s Ipecac Records will feature new members bassist Trevor Dunn and drummer John Stanier joining the singer and Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison. Until Oddfellows hits on January 29, Tomahawk have lead single “Stone Letter” to tide you over–listen to it right here.

The rumor mill had Tool’s fifth album coming out last year. Clearly that did not come to pass. And while frontman Maynard James Keenan has been seemingly preoccupied putting out Puscifer records, reuniting with A Perfect Circle, and squashing grapes, recent posts by Tool’s webmaster suggest that significant songwriting progress is being made. So we’re holding out hope that they will finally put out a new album this year—and until they do, we’re prepared to be teased, tortured, and titillated by more rumors and misinformation, much of it doubtlessly spread by Tool themselves.

Toxic Holocaust
In 2012, Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust managed to release a split with Municipal Waste and get a song featured in the television show Sons of Anarchy. Their last album, Conjure and Command, was the first record to feature a full band rather than mastermind Joel Grind doing everything.

TITLE: Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
It’s been a monster few years for Danish “Elvis metal” outfit Volbeat: They went from virtual unknowns in the U.S. to opening for Metallica, playing the Revolver Golden Gods (in 2011), and scoring No. 1 rock radio hits in the states. The group is promising to top it all off with a new album this year, the follow-up to 2010’s Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, which is being produced by former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano, alongside longtime Volbeat collaborator Jacob Hansen.

These Swedish black metallers are pretty fucking extreme, just see their live shows–all flaming tridents and dead animal parts–as evidence. Now Watain are set on taking their lawless darkness to the next level, have recently signed a deal with Century Media Records for their fifth album.

Rob Zombie
TITLE: Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Rob Zombie is a man with many endeavors. In 2012 he finished his new horror film, Lords of Salem,  which is due in theaters this Spring, and released a remix album, Mondo Sex Head. Last fall he toured with Marilyn Manson on the Twins of Evil tour, graced the cover of Revolver‘s special issue Rock! Shock! and Horror!, and he started recording his fifth solo album earlier in June. Zombie says the album will be “dark, heavy, and weird.” We would expect nothing less.


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