Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe…for President?

Lamb of God are kicking of 2012 with a new album, Resolution, out January 24. Perhaps taking that title in the legal sense of the term, the band’s frontman, Randy Blythe, has taken it upon himself to announce that he’s running for president this year. You can read what he has to say below, and let us know if you would vote for him in the comments section at the bottom.

“It’s 2012 now, the year some are saying the Mayan calendar predicts a cataclysmic upheaval across the board for our planet, perhaps even the end of the world as we know it. I don’t know if these doomsday predictions have any validity, but I do know one thing: the potential candidates in the race to decide who will be elected President of the United States look like pure shit.

“I’m not particularly stoked on any of the candidates. In a massive blow to our civil rights, Obama quietly signed the NDAA for the fiscal year 2012 into law while Americans drank in their party hats on New Year’s Eve. The GOP is parading around a bunch of ass-clowns in what has got to be the most embarrassing primary season in the history of their party. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Sarah Palin, they bust out that lunatic Michele Bachman. I have no clue what the Libertarians are up to now that Ron Paul is gunning for the Republican nomination. Probably loading their guns and preparing for the worst.

“Don’t even get me started on our current Congress, THE WORST CONGRESS I HAVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD OF IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. It’s a relentless bipartisan pissing contest in Washington where not only is nothing getting done, nothing is ALLOWED to get done. There’s a bunch of squabbling children in Washington in charge of the business of running our country. These baboons are stopping any useful litigation from occurring by engaging in an endless game of “I know you are, but what am I?”. There is very little compromise happening in DC, and there is very little regard for the welfare of the American people. It’s PATHETIC.

“Something has got to change. America is falling to pieces around us and we are sitting back and letting it happen. We need someone to come in and REALLY take charge, someone who can’t be bought by corporate dollars because he doesn’t need or want ‘em. Someone who is not going to bullshit the country or the rest of the world about what’s going to go down when he steps into office, because he LIKES pissing people off and doesn’t give a shit about hurting anyone’s feelings. We need a man who is not afraid to stick his neck out and risk embarrassing himself while doing the right thing, a man, in fact, INCAPABLE of embarrassment anymore PERIOD because he’s ALREADY done almost every stupid WRONG thing you can think of at one time or the other. We need a hard-boiled, no-nonsense, mean son-of-a-bitch with a bad reputation who ain’t afraid to cock-whip the shit out of some randomly selected pussy-ass billionaire on live tv during his annual State of the Union Address just to make a point and let the mega-rich know that NO ONE is above the law here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In short, we need a man who just DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK.

“America, that man is me.

“Thats right, ME. David Randall Blythe. Ol’ D. Randall. Uncle Randy. Wassisname, that dude from that one band that got drunk and fought in a skirt. I love the USA like a nerd loves D&D, I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of affairs, and I am ready, willing, and able to FUCK SHIT UP without a micro-second’s hesitation in order to fix what ails this country. All you have to do is elect me as the next President of the United States of America and I’ll handle the rest.”

Read Blythe’s full announcement on his blog.

Lamb of God will release Resolution on January 24.


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  • tktater

    If I thought for a second he was serious, he would have my vote in a heartbeat.

    • Leandro Oliveira


  • Askingalexandrias Angel

    ill be of the legal voting age this coming july and yes i would so vote for him :)

  • Joshua Carlson


  • Thejimmywoodruff


    SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shay Alice Patterson

    oh I would so vote for him over ANY other of the choices put forth before us so far! m/, 

  • Sarah Forsberg


  • Metal Israel

    like my husband said – who will be running the country while he’s out being shot and going through boot camp?  but yeah, so far definitely the best candidate by a landslide (not saying much) all power to ya

  • JD

    randy for president!!! m/

  • Leandro Oliveira

    If he isn’t serious, why he would write such a big testament (in his blog it’s the complete version)?!

    • Karen Holcomb

      We can only hope. Although I think it’s too late to actually get into the election. Not sure though.

  • TheRickyBobby

    Dave Mustaine for President!

  • Ryan Martin

    You got my fukn vote too m/ 😀 m/

  • Ordwayjusten

    Fuck yes negro

  • Justin Henderson

    hes got my vote!

  • ThatsmeErik

    Hell yea Randy you got my Vote LOG m/

  • Weeblek

    Ay, You’d have my vote. I don’t listen to L.O.G. much, don’t even know which of the songs that I like are yours, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK!!!! Does it need to be a write in or are you gonna get out there and really campaign? Cause, unfortunately, there just aren’t enough metal heads out here to get you in by word of mouth. Damn I wish this was serious! You’re truly the only person making sense.

  • Weeblek

    As far as this election goes, maybe Revolver Mag can help me get my plan out there. Barring Ron Paul, I’m not gonna vote for a single incumbent! If a candidate has ever been in politics, they will not get my vote! Even if I have to leave a blank spot on the ballot! Newbies only, I say. Let’s get people in there that are interested in what We The People want and not what their bankers want. Candidates that have yet the chance to be corrupted. That’s what I’m gonna do. Just thought I’d share.

  • Vanpire2000

    Hell yeah!!! He’s Randy’s got my vote!!!!

  • Karen Holcomb

    Ay, You’d have my vote. I don’t listen to L.O.G. much, don’t even know which of the songs that I like are yours, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK!!!! Does it need to be a write in or are you gonna get out there and really campaign? Cause, unfortunately, there just aren’t enough metal heads out here to get you in by word of mouth. Damn I wish this was serious! You’re truly the only person making sense.

  • Steelflexjefferson172

    I’m finally turning 18 this year. Normally, truthfully, I don’t care about politics. All my life none of it has really affected me. I’m not saying I’m super fortunate or anything, but you know. Kids are oblivious to things that don’t involve them. But I think I am going to vote this year, and Blythe is the one who’s persuading me to. I’m about to enter the real world and he’s right, we need change.

  • Dimonukr

    Count me in

  • Sezrift

    yes, hell yes

  • Andrew Smith

    Sign me up and let’s change this country.

  • A7x85

    Can I vote tmrw for him and impeach the two faced washington asses please!?

  • Timothy Huset

    Hell fucking yes!

  • Michele_s_88

    Its about fucking time someone with brains as president I’ll vote for him

  • 1anonfag

    Well it’s nice to realize that there is a bunch of lunatics running the government but with no plan other than to “not give a fuck” I think I will hedge my bets with Ron Paul. 

  • Aaron

    I’d vote for him, this reminds me of when Hunter S. Thompson ran for Sheriff in his county, as a ” Freak” ballot, they came very close to winning. Everything Randall says is true in what America needs.

  • Shay

    wow that is great i would vote for him. 

  • Randy4President


  • Sklink7


  • Hey

    I don’t see how he could possibly do any worse than any of the other potential candidates and he is honest, which is very refreshing… So he’s got my vote.

  • Moo

    Hell Yeah!!

  • michelle

    got my vote and i want to help spread the word . i already started

  • Ocoryo

    I agree that ur exactly what we need .. vote on voters!

  • Ocoryo

    But people are write .. there is a lot to learn .. you to be fuckin serious. no giving up or giving in.. find a way to win over all the old cracks that live in this country … cuz we all know elections are rigged 

  • Tinkertoy411

    Hell yeah! This is exactly what we need.

  • Joy

    Totally fucking voting for him

  • James Blankenship

    Why doesn’t Randy like Ron Paul!? They certainly agreed about our recent wars, judging from the lyrics in Ashes Of The Wake.

  • Sacrament

    Honestly Randy would be a more qualified candidate then all the others that are running. All the others are nothing but puppet figures for the powerful and wealthy and if we can get someone in office that is actually out for the better good of the nation then he deserves to be in office. Randy has my full support

  • Sarahlynne

    Fuck yes id vote for him, but fuck, come for canada, we need you more!

  • Darrell Durham

    I would absolutely vote for Randy! I agree with everything he said. Better than any other politician that is bought off and placed in office by the elite! 

  • JustinT.

    If he is a 100% percent serious, he has no idea HOW FAST he’s gonna win election…and HELL FUCKING YEAH he’s got my vote.

  • Rockerbitch69

    got my vote!!!

  • Rockerbitch69

    got my vote!!!

  • cfhgroove

    I’m voting for him.  I’m serious.

  • cfhgroove

    I’m voting for him.  I’m serious.

  • Xnightmarexlll

    the only bad thing that i could think about is… no more lamb of god touring.

  • Drowningfate

    Youve got my vote and total support!

  • Oohmyy


  • Metklok


  • Grim17

    Sorry you wont be goetting me vote.

  • Heather263

    lol what a horrible idea. Good thing I’m Canadian. All my love for Lamb of God, but really. I hope this album’s a good one, because I’m sure the media will destroy the band by the time the election is over. I think America is more likely to vote for Britney Spears. Sad, but true.

  • Kristin Pierce

    I would most assuredly vote for Wassisname. He seems to have the attitude to turns things around, which we as a conutry need so bad.

  • Dalton Reid

    Have Abbath as Vice President.  He’ll end global warming

    By covering the Earth in permafrost.

  • Rajib,Ght

    HELLYEAH..this is the beginning of Metal’s supremacy over the world..a Metalhead runs America, & America runs the world…from Tibet to Timbuktu, Randy we all support YOU…. lml lml

  • Jptheking

    He won’t make it through the primaries.

  • Angeh!

    I agree wiht pretty much every thing he said there. Current Congress sucks, bush kinda sucked, and obama sucked worse. we need someone who will stick to what they beleive in who isnt afraid to piss anyone off.

  • Asd

    Fuckin’ right, hoping to see his commercials on TV soon

  • Lindsayhart8296

    awesome !

  • The_Reaper_1207

    He better run.  I am going to write in vote for him in the Election if the GOP puts fuckin romney in.

  • Andrew M Nortrup

    Fuckin ya! Got my write in vote.

  • Ryan

    im gonna vote for him, and those who dont can eat shit and die

  • Rick

    if i was American, i’d be the first to vote for him lol!

  • fluffeh123

    hes got my vote =D

  • Wetwillie615

    Blythe 2012!!!! Fuck Obama!!!!

  • Dragonflip13

    I will vote for you randy! U would b the man to save america! Good luck brotha

  • Sirbain06

    You got my vote!


    Blythe…u’r the man

  • Tom

    Yes he is right. BLYTHE 2012!!!!!!

  • 40224

    I agree change needs to be made in our country but you would be an embarrassment. I’m 19 not an old school republican btw. And metal needs to die it sucks

    • truth

      bastard you suck…

    • Elmo

      why exactly are you here if you hate metal?

    • Seamus

      You need to die bitch. Fuck presidents why the fuck do we need them. Are country is already embarrassing as it and if you got your conservative head out of your overwieght ass you may be able to see that. ps im 15 and fuck the parties bitch.

    • Steven

       metal will never die u tool and if u said that in front of randys face u would get your ass kicked

  • Alan Van

    I wish I could be on Randy’s side, but when you think about it, the President is supposed to be a role model, isn’t he? As much as I feel Randy has his political views pretty in shape, he’s not much for kids, or even teenagers, to look up to. Just look at his language, it’s not very eloquent.

  • Sksommers

    Voting for him. He should have Robb Flynn as his VP.

    • Fffffffffasfas

      (ROBB is the best metal frontman ever, nobody have his power, NO WAY!!!

  • Hunter

    I agree that nothing gets done in congress, but im a big supporter of Ron Paul and everything Randy states is what Ron Paul believes in he just sais it in a more professional way.

  • mosh

    If I was an american, I’d vote for him. although if he wants any beginning spot in the race, he’ll need to humour up to the “professional” look and language, at least till he gets elected. He is a very smart man, but the majority of voters won’t look past the rough-edged exterior and metalhead attitude. I wish the best of luck to him, I know he could do some good m/

  • Gascan

    i am going to support randy in every possible way i can. its about time a real, hard working, american is in office. im sick of seeing all of these fake, high class people raping the american people every chance they get. Vote Randy 2012.

  • Metalmagic93

    Randy Blythe, 2012

  • VeilOfOsiris

    Got my vote, President Blythe. 
    Hate the state of affairs morons trying to run the country, well put a good ‘ol metal man up there let’s see how it goes. 

  • sincityXZ

    Nice speech Randy 2012 =D

  • Leosanchez

    Si fuera americano votaría por randy blythe, sos un grande, un ídolo, Argentina te apoya! randy blythe presidente 2012 carajo!

  • Michael EvilMunkey Maujer

    I would vote for him. fuck yea

  • Barnabastard

    President of his cell, in jail. Fuck you Randy hahaha!

    • LOLCAP


    • Captionteam!!

      Not sure if retarded kid or troll….

    • sprode

      Not only is he going to get off, but even if he was guilty it is nothing compared to what our politicians do.

      I find it funny because Randy Blythe just summed up the system better than most of my ignorant countrymen ever will.

    • Erraticself

      ^^ha, say that to any single one of his band mates faces, you faggot ^^

  • Alex .T.

    Heck Ya Id Vote For This Guy! So What If He messes Something Up, The Us Is In The Crapper Anyway. Let somebody Else Give It A Try. Hes Right All They Are Doing Is Babbling Back and Forth. Good Luck Randy You Are My Hero! You Have My Vote.