Marilyn Manson and 10 Famous Members of the Church of Satan

This Saturday, July 19, marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Marilyn Manson’s debut album, ‘Portrait of an American Family.’ We’re counting down to that date this week and celebrating the Antichrist Superstar’s two decades of rock and shock.

In the mid ’90s, Manson became a card-carrying member of the Church of Satan, which was formed in 1966 by Anton LaVey. He was even ordained as an honorary priest, which is why he’s credited in the liner notes of the EP ‘Smells Like Children’ as Reverend Marilyn Manson.

But Manson is hardly the only celebrity to have joined the Church of Satan–and certainly not the most unlikely, as you’ll see in the gallery below.


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  • Groullock

    This post is stupid. They should close that place down.

    • Lukes

      What are your reasons to say that? Everybody can believe in what they want to?

    • Neil Hopkins

      Who is the “they” that you feel should close them down? The government? Are you saying you support the government deciding what religions are okay? Or is ‘they” a mob of angry citizens, coming to burn down that which they don’t agree with? Seriously, you sound like you would be more at home in a Theocracy like Iran than here in the USA where people are free to believe whatever kooky thing they want.

      And what do you know about the Church of Satan? You’ve ever read the Black Bible? Or are you making assumptions based on the flashy name?

      Basically, what I’m trying to say is: shut your ignorant, xenophobic, small-minded mouth until you have at least some small basis of fact to stand upon.

      • Steve Williams

        Why do you assume he resides in the USA ?? We all have opinions that nobody gives a flying fuck about. What gives you the authority to tell Groullock or anyone else what to do, cupcake??

  • Negativemrb

    I don’t believe it’s a place but a philosophy, it actually has nothing to do with satan just the belief of being opposed to “god like” beliefs and believing in yourself

    • Steve Williams

      How can you oppose something that you claim doesn’t exist??

      • Negativemrb

        Read the Satanic Bible, then you coulda have your answer.

        • helligusvart

          I did read it, and other than some blasphemous statements it’s basically hedonism with a Satanic label. That still doesn’t change the fact that Satan has them in his grip.

          • Negativemrb

            Haha god doesn’t exists neither does satan, and if he did maybe that biggest trick the one where he convinces ppl he don’t exists is a role reversal. God wouldn’t ban ppl people cause how they were born satan would, god wouldn’t want you to give away 10% of your income to him satan would! god would kill his only son satan would etc. pray all you want you’ll never hear an answer from the heavens, religion is fear based and has caused more wars than any other politic. If the crusades didn’t kill anyone who diddnt believe and do that for a thousand years then Christianity nor Catholics wouldn’t even be present today. The satanic bible is for belief of yourself no gods good nor evil.

          • helligusvart

            Other than your atrocious spelling and grammar, you are a fool. Christianity has lasted for 2,000 years not because we killed people but because the Holy Spirit saved them from their sins. The Church of Christ worldwide is stronger now than ever before, and 2 billion people self-identify as Christians. No one, least of all you, will stop this.

          • Negativemrb

            Then you should just be a good Christian and forgive me. What’s your view of dinosaurs? If the mouthpiece of your religion (the pope) actually believed in god, he wouldn’t drive around in a bulletproof pope mobile would he ? Instead he pardons pedophile priests. When you eat that wafer and drink the blood of Christ you don’t find that a bit SATANIC? Your just trying to spread propaganda that you’ve been probably taught your whole life. The devil doesn’t have his grip on anyone, the devil isn’t real. People do wrong things because humans are foul able, greedy or uncompassionate . Not because of made up gods. I think the bible has some great moral tales in it but you believe every verse in it I’m sorry for you. Let’s look for example Robin Williams who just passed. He made millions laugh, raised millions for all kinds of charitable causes, and by all accounts a nice guy. Yet cause he made the 1 choice of suicide , your religion banishes him to hell for eternity.. If that’s the loving, and forgiving belief you follow, that’s up to you. Sounds like an made up bullshit to me!

          • helligusvart

            Why did you assume I’m a Roman Catholic? For your info I’m a Baptist, and my only mouthpiece is Jesus Christ Himself. But more importantly, what happened to you to make you so negative toward God?

          • Negativemrb

            I’ve read and have heard of terms like scientific fact.

          • Negativemrb

            Nothing I’ve had a great life without Jesus Christ. I just assumed you wanted to have an internet debate about religion. You went and left your opposing rhetoric on a what could be called a pro satan article. I just wanted to call you out on your views just like you choose to do, to ToppestKek and myself. As far as I’m concerned it’s all the same Baptist, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Protestant hell even Satanist, Wicken . You all believe in the same thing. something, or someone better than you sitting somewhere judging you for the choices you make. for the last time it’s all make believe just like Santa or Jack Frost the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy.. RELIGION was made up for 2 things control and money…People choose to believe cause inside we all want something to believe in….And that is the Faith aspect of it. if you want to believe that’s great for you, but I’ll argue my opinion till the day I die and get put into the ground. No soul flying up to some make believe place..DEAD. And that unfortunately is how it goes…sorry if that scares you but we will all see one day…right.

          • helligusvart

            You’re right, we all will see someday.

          • Warlock

            Actually I think it’s closer to 5 or 6 billion people who are christians.

          • helligusvart

            There are only 6 billion people in the world, so this statement is preposterous.

          • Warlock

            Not if everyone just thinks they’re going to heaven, but really they can’t even be saved.

          • Autonomous

            Your lacking a cogent argument. What your saying is the mainstream secular idea of Christianity. The Bible tells a very different story as well you can back it up with non biblical archeological and historical evidence. It’s prophecies have been and continue to be fulfilled. Yes there are fanatics but are they reserved only to religion? There is a point, a beautiful point for that matter that unfolds from the pages of the Bible. It is arranged in a way that confounds Christian and non Christian scholars alike. The 66 books of the Bible were written by some 35 or 40 different authors, on three continents, over a period of 1,800 years. These men came from all walks of life, differing greatly from one another, but their writings never contradict. These books COMPLIMENT one another. Such an accomplishment is impossible and unheard of. While other ancient writings do not even attempt prophecy, the Bible attempts it and fulfills it! One only has to consider a few Old Testament prophecies about the life of Christ to see this (Num. 24:17-19; Gen. 49:10; Mic. 5:2; Isa. 7:14; Dan. 9:25; Hos. 11:1; Isa. 53; Zec. 9:9; Psa. 69:21; Psa. 34:20; Psa. 16:10; Psa. 41:9; Zec 11:12; Psa. 35:11; Psa. 22).
            Look I’m no priest and if you believe it a Bible thumper. I was just like you, I believed the exact same ideas you point out. I was given a chance to really look at what the Bible says by somebody who did not have blind faith and knew why and what he followed. God is real and this mainstream view is not what he’s about. I implore anyone who reads this to study the facts and base their conclusion on nothing but compared facts. And for those who think prayers are impossible have never contextually tried.

    • MYSELF10

      Thank you. i have never heard of The church of satan but from what i have read , what you said is what i believe i learned from the little i read about the church of satan. i liked what i read and without being one i have always been and nicely too. it made me proud to be me.

  • ToppestKek

    Before people start getting butthurt, they don’t believe in a literal, physical Satan.

    • helligusvart

      Satan doesn’t care. In fact, it’s been said that his greatest trick is convincing people he doesn’t exist.

    • Anton Szandor LaVey

      Unfortunately stupidity is rampant in this world.

  • Lawrence Bernard

    Good for you Neil, you hit it right on the head and then there are people that still try to ignore what you said and put the blinders on and go thru life as a very small minded person. I don’t believe in the “Church Of Satin” but I don’t put them down just because I don’t believe or simple have a small closed mind to any and everything different.

    • Steve Williams

      Church of satin sheets??

  • Del Parrish

    Liberace and Sammy Davis Jr.? Really? Ha! Far out.
    If I was that charlatan LaVey, I woulda made titty-fucking Jayne Mansfield’s nightly ‘High Priestess’ initiation.

  • Steve Williams

    Anton Lavey is a self -proclaimed feces eater.
    Do you really want to follow that shit??

    • Anton Szandor LaVey

      Not true…it was urine I drank.

    • Warlock

      So is Jesus.

      • fup

        Go back to your donkey u pos

        • Warlock

          Tell me what that means and I will reply.

        • Warlock

          Well, what are you trying to say, rat?

        • Warlock

          Oh you realized your the only poser around here, you christian defending rat.

  • Autonomous7

    If you truly think that the church of satan does not believe in satan then your not paying attention. The philosophy is the belief and there in lies the same thing. As a Christian you should be ok with the church of satan as the Bible teaches us to love the sinner but hate the sin. In my opinion to many Christians have forgotten this teaching pushing more people inadvertently away from God and in the same way making Christians look like bigots. Actions like these spread false dogmas that the Bible does not teach perpetuating such lies like God condones slavery.

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  • helligusvart

    Satan is the antichrist and the Father of Lies. Many of these people (e.g. King Diamond) don’t surprise me, but Liberace and Sammy Davis Jr.? I know Liberace was a flaming homosexual, but I didn’t think even he would go this far. Makes me wonder how many other unlikely celebrities are Satanists.

    • setlier88

      Satan does not lie. You do.

  • michel

    can i come in

  • Anton Szandor LaVey

    I am here.

  • Jorge Canares

    Believe in Satan@believe also in god. All things shall pass away’ but my words will not pass away

    • patrick88

      You ass. Satan is made by the church. Like everything. God is is a story to controll you by fear.
      when you believe you are afraid. I do not believe so i am not afraid for i and you and all are satan for we are sin. Do not lie to yourself be who and what you are for we are human and we are beautifull. We are satan so hail satan.

  • Warlock

    I think it’s closer to 4 or 5 billion people who are christians.

  • michael

    God hates the sinner and the sin.repent and believe the gospel of Jesus
    Christ or you will face God’s wrath in Hell for eternity.

    • Michael

      Don’t ask me why I reply, but I feel the inclination too. It’s just that you seem like the “No True Scotsman” kind of christian, and I wanted to introduce that to you. I’m not denouncing your claim; I’m just bringing reason to it. Now, where in the hell does the Bible say that, “God hates the sinner and the sin”?