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A Life Once Lost Tour Diary, Part 2: Sombreros, Tacos and Guns — Our Mexican Adventure

Here's part two of A Life Once Lost's new tour diary, courtesy of guitarist Doug Sabolick:

So after our last entry, we were en route to Monterrey, Mexico, from Philly. I pulled a driving-career best 14 hours straight at the wheel. Needless to say, we were pretty haggard by the time we hit Laredo. We had a couple hours to kill before our shuttle arrived, so we did some shopping for just the essentials. Sombrero purchased.

Our shuttle arrived and we packed our guitars and pedals in the back and met our new traveling compadres, Solar Year and The Holydrug Couple, all the way from Chile.

Crossing the border was fine, but immediately we had a dose of reality: pickup trucks with federales riding in the backs with giant Gattling guns attached to the pickup beds. Rock 'n' roll. There were also amputees hanging out on the dotted lines of a highway panhandling. Pretty ballsy, gotta respect the effort. After a couple-hour ride, we end up at our hotel in downtown Monterrey. We meet our dude, Miguel, who hooks it up and chaperones us.

Festival Nrmal (the fest we are playing) seems like a pretty big deal here and people of many different styles are in the hotel hanging out together. We end up taking a shuttle out to the hills and hanging with all the bands at a mansion on the top of a mountain. It's like the hollywood hills south of the border. We hang hard all night then get a ride home with a friend we made. People here drive really fast, like really fast. We get back to the hotel in no time and crash out.

Three days in, and we finally play our first show of the tour. We play just as the sun sets behind the mountain and have a great set. A lot of friends we made the previous night were present, and one dude in particular got his acid freak on early this day to Ecstatic Trance. Rock on, amigo! The show was killer, and I must say Festival Nrmal was possibly coolest vibe of a show we have ever played. Thanks to Angel for hooking it up!

We had one more day to kill in Mexico so we hit a ton of taco stands, trucks, tables and any other objects you can make tacos on. We hit another party in the hills. Meet some new friends and proceed to get chill. Onward to one more party. The car overheats on the way up the hill so we abandon our plans and coast back down to the mountain to the hotel.

We hit the road the next morning, destination USA. We get some much-needed sleep on the ride, and after getting our bags searched and getting our van X-rayed, we are allowed back in to the country. We hightail it to McAllen, Texas, and deliver a decent set. Onward to Austin for SXSW!

Until next time.


A Life Once Lost on Tour

March 18 @ Fubar - St Louis, MO
March 19 @ Jenny Wiley Convention Center - Prestonburg, KY
March 20 @ Ultra Lounge - Chicago, IL
March 21 @ Mickey Finn's Pub -Toledo, OH
March 22 @ Broadway Joes - Buffalo, NY
March 23 @ Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
March 24 @ The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY

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