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A Life Once Lost Tour Diary, Part 3: Stolen Gear and Blistering Sets in Texas

A Life Once Lost Tour Diary, Part 3: Stolen Gear and Blistering Sets in Texas

Here's part three of A Life Once Lost's new tour diary, courtesy of guitarist Doug Sabolick:

Ahh, back in the USA.

After the shuttle from Mexico drops us off at our vehicle we hightail to to McAllen, Texas, for another gig before SXSW. Feels good to play on our own gear! After a fun show, we stay with our friends who did the show and hung out with the giant pig in their back yard. We wake up super early and hightail it north to Austin.

We have a day off and are just looking to see a few bands and chill. We check out Residuels at the Sailor Jerry party and head back to the truck, only to find out someone cut the lock on our trailer and stole my guitar, Chris' bass and Bob's bag and passport. We are pissed but also relieved they didn't have time to take other stuff. Stealing from touring bands is pretty low. Not sure how some people can live with themselves.

We get a hotel and I sleep lightly while hitting up Framus, my guitar company, and a friend from Philly who was flying to Austin that day. I got my roommate to drive my Les Paul to the airport on his motorcycle and drop It with the dude flying down. Same-day delivery halfway across the country. Sweet! Framus hits me back and is sending me a replacement and the Texas Metal Collective provided me with a loner guitar as well. It is really great having friends that care about you!

Enough sap. We head to Guitar Center and Chris buys a bass and gets it set up. We are now ready to play our two shows this evening.

The first show is on the roof of the Six Lounge. We load our gear to the roof and enjoy the view and the chill vibe. We absolutely destroyed this show. Meadows scaled the awning and sung from one of the highest spots in Austin. We meet a ton of cool people and hang out for a bit. Onward to the next show.

We are headlining the Metal and Lace lounge tonight. We deliver another blistering set and proceed to party until our friend John gets out of work at his bar. It's now 4 a.m., and we are headed back to his house to rest up for a bunch more shows this week at SXSW.

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