A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost B.C. Picks the Top Cover Songs in Rock and Metal

On November 19, Ghost B.C. will release a Dave Grohl-produced EP of covers, If You Have Ghost, which includes songs by Roky Erickson, ABBA, and Depeche Mode. Revolver caught up with one of the band’s Nameless Ghouls and asked him what the Top Cover Songs In Rock and Metal are.

1. Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower” from Electric Ladyland, original by Bob Dylan

2. Judas Priest’s “Diamonds And Rust” from Sin After Sin, original by Joan Baez

3. Metallica’s “Blitzkrieg” from Creeping Death EP, original by Blitzkrieg

4. Siouxie And The Banchees’ “Dear Prudence” from Hyaena, original by The Beatles

5. Mayhem’s “Witching Hour” from Deathcrush, original by Venom

6. The Damned’s “Eloise” non-album single, original by Barry Ryan

7. Metallica’s “The Wait” from Garage Days Re-revisited EP, original by Killing Joke

8. The Dickies’ “Nights In White Satin” from Dawn Of The Dickies, original by The Moody Blues

9. Mötley Crue’s “Helter Skelter” from Shout At The Devil, original by The Beatles

10. Entombed’s “Night Of The Vampire” from 7″ split with New Bomb Turks, original by Roky Erickson


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  • Hector Vasquez

    Iron Maiden’s cover of Doctor Doctor was pretty great

    • danybhoy

      Their version of “Space Truckin” is excellent as well.

      • Hector Vasquez

        oh yes another one of my favorites

  • Ross Keenan

    That Helter Skelter cover by Motley Crue is fucking awful.

    • Jimi

      No it isn’t.

  • BJ

    Guitar Gently Weeps – Spineshank
    Message in a Bottle – Machine Head

    • Fear The Phantom


  • SixDays

    Nameless ghoul wtf he doesnt even have a nem lol this band is lame LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111



      • The One True Woody

        Yeah,and one of them is David Draiman,haha.Stay in your lane homie.

    • The One True Woody

      Or could it be your simple mind just does’nt get it?Back to your asking alexandria now…

  • m.

    Holy fuck. Someone acknowledging that All Along the Watchtower was a Dylan song first. That’s rare.

  • AstralComplex

    Ummm…What about the great covers that Type O Negative did? Cinnamon Girl or Summer Breeze?

  • Dr.frost

    they forgot We Bite by Alann Versipellis originally by the Misfits

  • Kilmore

    The Dickie’s other claim to fame is that they are the only band between DiAnno and Dickinson.

  • ThatJacksonDude

    Megadeth did a pretty sweet cover of Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy) on the Super Collider album

  • Filip Murray

    Iron Maiden – Doctor Doctor

  • Driver Decade

    Pat Boone covering Metallica and more. hehe