Acrania Premiere New Album, ‘Totalitarian Dystopia’


London-based deathcore trio Acrania will release their debut full-length, ‘Totalitarian Dystopia,’ August 19 via California’s Unique Leader Records. The album includes guest appearances from Tom Barber of Lorna Shore, Mendel of Aborted, and Jamie Hanks of I Declare War. In anticipation, the group has teamed with Revolver to premiere the record in its entirety right here right now. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • n0xi0us

    If I was still heavily into this degree of extreme metal, this album would be on my rotation to be sure.. kinda brought back memories of ridiculously over the top metal I used to play to freak people out. Not for everyone, but it brought an honest to goodness tear to my eye that there are bands still cranking out the extreme metal without falling into the “grindcore” or “noise” labels.

    Awesome stuff!

    • Chris TheChairman Eklund

      What’s wrong with grindcore?

    • GangBangSlam

      Bro Slam is the way to go!

  • SkyJET

    Impressive sound. Good mix.

  • Elecks

    Great jam!

  • Andrea

    Fantastic! :)