Adler, Featuring Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler, Premieres New Song

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler has formed a new trio going under the name Adler. The group is putting out an as-yet-untitled album soon. You can whet your appetite by listening to the “The One That You Hated” below.

Of the music he’s recorded with Adler, Steven says, “I love the music that we’re creating! I haven’t been this excited about my band since the GN’R days.” Let us know if you agree by commenting on the song below.


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  • Koek

    A kick ass rock song! I like it very much.

    Greetings Koek, Netherlands

  • Taylor Reaves

    Wow!  Totally wasn’t expecting that.  I love it!!!

  • Turtle


  • Daniel

    Really love it!!
    Great song

  • Mary Louise

    It sounds like real rock music. I like it very much !

  • Thomas

    It’s a great song, can’t wait for the album. I hope it will be released on LP.

  • Mrbrownstone2011

    Totaly CRAP. Sound like a boys band, no balls. No Michael Thomas no rock n roll. Rename that shit. Since AFD maybe first record will come out maybe not is longer than world been waiting for CD Guns n Roses, You are not Duff not Izzy, not Slash to use your name, you are far away behind them. Good luck, CRAP again

    • Flavester

      Don’t lie, fanboy…you never even listened to it.

  • Earthgirl1914

    Jacob, you are awesome!

  • Leslie Davenport

    Freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love it. Got my new traveling music. 

  • Ronnie Rebel X

    very cool song. good luck!

  • Genurko

    I am quite surprised, this song is really good and better than the couple songs put out by Adler’s Appetite.   Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Badassdrummer007

    liked it alot good job steven more of that would be a good thing

  • Helenazec

    sounds fantastic but it’s a bit soft

  • Simpson Bm

    Nice music man!!  :DD

  • Selena66

    Great tune!!

  • Peteyb1

    man its just not you 

  • Kleen_mister

    Well, I’m diggin’ it. Pretty cool, Steven! Rock on!

  • Jennifer Dremann

    Adler sounds better than ever. Love the song and the beat

  • Andrej Jelicic

    wow!!! it roxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aerolynn

    This is GREAT! Will be hearing it everywhere. VERY COOL.

  • bryan hayes

    kinda has a 80’s vibe!!  most 80’s sounding rock song ive heard in a while!

  • pete

    Yep, I like it Popcorn. :-) Keep it up, ya bad assed MF. 😀

  • Deano

    Good stuff keep up the rockin…

  • Shannin GingerEvil Betz

    sooooooo excited!!!!! LOVE IT!!! KEEP ROCKIN THAT SHIT!

  • Harry Hoerner

    Jacob Bunton from Lynam is singing? what is the future of Lynam?

    • Jakehumphrey

      still the singer of lynam, Nothing changed

  • Hsky_lvr

    Ive only heard a few seconds of this song and I LOVE it already! So proud of you Steven…You are  an inspiration! Rock N Roll!!

  • Johnallten

    LOVE the new song. Sounds most excellent, Dudes. Continuing rock’ our world.

  • Ronny_samuelsson


  • P Vagenas

    That’s what I call rock….keep up the good work!

  • Cndfogie7

    Great Tune!! WTG Adler. Will be adding this to my collection when it comes out!

  • Lyon084

    Fuckin awesome. Home town Jacob B!!!
    Good stuff brother!!

  • 9unslin9er

    Did they remove the link?

  • Dustin Haire

    I love it Steven good job!

  • Connie Mcdermott

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEF SHARED THIS ONE INSTANTLY!!!!! 😀 XOXO M/ M/

  • motorstoner


  • Corey Peterson

    good 4 steven, good dude, god bless him

  • Dakotahkoob

    sounds fucking great !!

  • Mike saucedo

    Sounds bad ass!! Congratz Steven!!

  • RobShu

    sounds great guys! good to see you’re using your talents and skillz again Steven… good luck out there, hope to see you out on tour :)

  • semilla7negra

    YEAHHHHH…..SOUNDS GOOD ……!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Branham

    I love the music but why do all rockers have to dress like that?  I think it’s tacky and outdated… I prefer to the real person over a facade…

    • Mdboaktree

      If you are talking about Jacob, that is the way he dresses in real life. To be honest it suits him. He also is one the nicest people I have ever met. I assure you he is completely genuine. Also that is the style most of them really do like.

  • Karen

    great song!!

  • Unholy_nite

    awesome tune cant wait for the album

  • Justin Bick

    sounds awesome sounds so 80’s

  • Complicatedlicks

    lovin the cowbell lol
    typical steve adler

  • Evillynn1971

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait for the release!!!!! 

  • Tommy remmen

    it s ok

  • Drew

    SICK MAN! Has a killer old school rock/metal vibe! \m//

  • GV66

    Yep… That’ll do just fine. Love the lack of gutturals and OMG…. real vocals and guitars and a real live human on the drums???  Yep…. will do just fine.   ;o)

    Great job Guys.

  • Bucketfoot

    Better tune than anything on Chinese Democracy. 

  • Bug

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it a joke or something ?
    Steel panther ? Wigs ? Hilarious anyway.
    April’s fool ya know.

  • IrishConnor94

    Awesome tune, hopefully Steven will release a full album with this band

  • ;)

    Better than Chinese Democracy my ass!

  • David Porter

    ….. is that the dude from Lynam ???

    • Oak Tree

      Yes it is Jacob Bunton the front man from Lynam.  Along with Lonny the guitarist he wrote most the songs for the album I believe.  

  • Twopostal4u

    ROCK IS BACK, turn it up to eleven

  • Agantolstyak007

    Yyyyyeeeaaaah COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willow

    Love it… People just need to quit w/the GnR comparisons, hell, GnR isn’t really GnR anymore anyway. That ship has sailed… That was then, this is now…and what “this” is… Is good ol’ “Rock & Roll”. Taking away that I have a friend in on this project… I’m still totally sold. I’ve listened to four times and like it better than before w/every listen. That’s generally a great sign. Congrats…

  • Amber

    I love it!!!!!!! It rocks, and Jacob is amazing, as always <3

  • ChefThom

    great tune, I’ve known Jacob since he was 17 and he was always amazing. Glad to see him teamed up with one of my favorite drummers. Go Adler!

  • Kirsty

    Love it! Awesome vocals Jacob!

  • Dale

    sounds a bit “bon jovi” at parts but not bad over all 

  • ryanyunker

    Get it Jacob! Congrats!

  • Emre Ozcelik

    Looks like good!

  • Fede Blas

    This is great!!! Steven we can distingue your beat a mile away, U R THE FUKIN BEST ROCK DRUMMER!!!!

    great song!!!!!!!


    Great to see you rocking again Steve , nice tune, well done guys…thanks to SLASH for shareing the news…

  • Matt_pinheiro

    Great vocals, and great chorus

  • Rayjackie48

    GREAT glad to have you back

  • Marcela Colombia

    I like it!!! Go Adler

  • Steve Casper

    Hell yea! now that real Rock N Roll

  • Gemmathornethorne3

    I love it! Way to go Steven, keep on rockin!

  • Axl

    Piece of shit

  • Psibz

    Kick ass job Steven Good to have you back on the sticks bro.

  • Anonymous

    Is this Bon Jovi ? Lol 

  • Googoo

    Not Re-inventing the wheel, but I’ve been missing that sound ! Thanks Guy! Keep it going sounds good!

  • Web

    wow, the song is pretty good. the solo could have been longer, but the rest is great! is this slash on the lead? this is how new guns n’ roses should actually sound. go on, steven!

  • Mr.T

    Me gusta que sigas grabando. Aunque siento que es más de lo mismo.

  • blumentalovic

    This song makes me feel happy and forget every problem that ı have.AWESOME !

  • BAch


  • Brandon_barsanti


  • Scott c

    man, im impressed!!! keep it up bro!!

  • Ciara606

    steven and that cowbell!!! awesome!!

  • Janmaria67

    Love it!

  • KayaQue

    Finally some good old rock and roll on the market again! Thanks!

  • Stephen

    Fantastic song! Really wonderful sonic sound and flow between and among the instruments and vocals, and production is Da bomb. Even the Russian Judge gave you a 10! 

  • Kari Ellis Jones

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Sonia_wieckowski

    Rock on!Well done Steven and crew.Keep it up.

  • Charlie

    AWESOME!! Great work guys Love it!  

  • Diego Camargo Braschen

    god job, nice song, love the sound of your drum!!! hope to see you un buenos aires! 

  • Preacher Stone

    Rock on!

  • Kristen Elyse

    Its rockin’ …good to hear Steven is still using the cowbell…i wish he would jam with Slash again

  • Ej 300

    Its awesome song can’t wait to hear the rest of the album

  • keith

    Song sounds great!….Awsome guitar solo…great vocals….And of course drums sound fuckin awsome!

  • Jimmcs2000

    I’m glad Steven can still pull it off. Real good song, I rarely sit through a whole song with most new bands. This makes me want more………

  • Southernlawn

    Lynam and Adler? Awesome! Still has that ROCKIN’ Lynam ’80s sound.

  • LC Olds

    It’s refreshing to know they did this the original, old-fashioned way, no auto tune (what!@facebook-1125686782:disqus ? real singing?) and just honest rock and roll.  You go guys!!

  • Daniel De la Parra

    I´m really glad for Steven… I usually don´t have the patiente lo listen new music but this is Steven´s song and I really enjoyed listening his drums. Now if you excuse me I´m listening it again…. Steven dude, please get better man, your fans love you!!!

  • Armo

    What the fuck does this sheep do on Steven’s head ?
    Looks like he’s got one in his belly too.

    Music ?
    Just crap.

  • Jaroszewicz Witold

    Without Steven GN’R lost power :) AFD is the best album.

  • Loki

    adorei a musica,Esteven Adler esta tocando como nunca,muiiiito bom.
    Parabéns Esteven!

  • Guest

    Not crazy about this song. It’s not the Steven groove I’m familiar with from prior tunes.  More like a modern day “pop” song I would say, not so “hard rock” sounding.  I prefer to jamm to my AFD tunes and like to remember the bad ass Steven and company, not the sugar coated peeps…

  • Jimbo

    way to go steve …sounds great you the man …never lost the touch ..just needed a long vacation ..keep it up bro…

  • Carribeth

    Rock N Roll isn’t dead after all!  Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Kevin David

    Adler’s soundin’ great Steven. I can’t wait to see you all live! Please don’t forget about us here in Hemet though, we love great tunes and lots of us are decent musicians to boot! Come on and check us out my friend!

  • Wrightdakota69

    cool cant wait for more

  • Tee!

    I love the sound of this! Can’t wait to hear more of the album! :)

  • Lindsey M

    I love Jacob :) Great Job picking this booger! :) <3 Adler!

  • Slipdisc

    The sound of spandex, mullets and cheese… A celebration of clichés….

  • Pfeisterjr

    Cool tune. Looking forward to hearing the whole album.

  • Dsdas

    starts like tom petty´s “into the great wide open”. 

  • Orlando

    The drums and cow bell took me back to 1988…

  • yepyep

    thats pretty good!!!

  • C Jessicasilveira

    My God is with all the band! As always. I would goto a show! Brazil awaits!

  • Guest1

    Pretty cool shit i can say…RAW,STRAIGHT AHEAD…Some nice metal music…
    Waiting for more…

  • marc

    you could do much better steven, this is a 15 years old band music

  • ImRaN

    to simple i think .. .oh man , this not something we want to hear. .

  • Homes


  • Sunny Tim

    I really like the song and am looking forward to hearing more, I wish them great success.

  • Kathy

    I love this song, I can’t wait to hear more and buy your new album. 

  • Bentrexel

    Sounds alot like this awesome band from Birmingham, Alabama named Lynam.

  • Cascinaidrums

    The one I hated, I Loved So Much !

  • Niels Uni

    Not very exciting, sounds outdated

  • Stehsjamn

    I agree, very outdated ! Vocals are very weak. I expected to hear something harder.

  • alcore666

    I gonna go see Lynam in Charlotte in a few days. They kick ass!!

  • Sbkiss1977

    it does sound a little bit dated but that is exactly why i like it ;=)

  • Slashlass33

    I love it Steven, I am so Proud of You!!!  The Song is Amazing!!! <3

  • Tommy Harlan

    I like it, and can’t wait to support my Drummer man Adler!!

  • Susan wickham

    love the song  it is great you guys rock.steven I am glad you are happy and you are a great musician.


  • Stoney_rocks


  • Eclecticone09

    I agree with some others here, it does sound dated but that I why I like it. I’m a product of the 80’s music scene and this kinda takes me back to that time.

  • Timirok2000

    OK… it rocks…  now Steven, stay off the stuff.  

  • Justin N Rachael Lund

    way to poppy

  • Mitchleigh24

    i feel the need for more cowbell

  • D Willy

    I expected crap but this sounds fuckin’ great!

  • Jerrbear_26

    Sounds great, not dated at all.

  • Robin Gibbs

    i loved it..u still rock Steven & your band is great…just keep up the good work..maybe you can come to North Carolina soon!!!!

  • Rockergurl1919

    awsome …sounds great …glad u r back !!! keep it up !!!

  • Jelma1854

    I really love this rocks out!!!

  • Djfromhell67

    This song had a nice hook and it rocked like the days of old. Bring back eighties metal and see the world party again…

  • Mitch

    that was fn’ sick 😀

  • Shawncruse01

    i think it rocks

  • Monza_man


  • Jcurtisjr36

    sounds good

  • Fuzzy

    Really nice, maybe a bit too modern and not there’s enough cowbell but it’s so far Steven’s best song since GNR

  • Lynn

    Loved the song! Keep on rocking!

  • A D Songwriter

    Awesome! Great song, great vocal harmonies. Can’t wait to hear the whole album. 

  • Jeff Leek

    Best thing I’ve heard in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good for you Steven Adler.

  • hinkle

    sounds great brotha keep it rockin 😉
    o’ an congrads on the induction   to the rock n roll hall of fame!!!

  • Tturbo69

     i like it, just need a time machine to take us back to the 80s when life was fun and not about work

  • Todd Frost

    Song kicks ass!!!  Will definately be downloading when it comes out!

  • Jesse Villa

    Cool Song! Really Digging it! Can Hardly Wait Till The Full Album Comes Out! If The Whole Album Sounds Like This Song I Will Be Going Out To Buy It!!! m/

  • Jon Shockley

    pretty good but sounds like steven is still living in the guns n roses era with the cowbell thing, makes me think of night train likes he’s molding his songs from the appetite album!

  • Spammetodeathhere

    Sounds like Warrant…

  • Joey62 Jari

    A way to go,man.Always liked Stevie style of drumming.

  • Da Baldwin

    good song does not sound anything like gnr

  • Robyaj

    Congrats To Steven And The Boys.Solid song, better than 90% of the crap the industry has put out lately. It’s good to see Steven Happy!

  • Metalman

    Nice add one more member and you got it.

  • Bmfox

    very nice – great harmonies and a hook – need a bass player?

  • Bogguy69

    Fukkin sux

  • Dee Gradee

    it rocks.  very cool!

  • Grim743

    man this takes me back!! great song!

  • Austhrax

    pretty solid

  • Hutsonmichael

    Good lyrics, good riff, maybe should check into TOOL for those drum licks. Its not the 80’s anymore. but all in all I’d wouldn’t buy the cd off of that.but i did the new g-n-r cd. it’s ok. some songs are gay! too many love songs! there is other stuff to write about than love.

  • Colleen Maral

    Steve I though the song was great different sound the lyrics are just way cool. Good luck o u guys on the new ablum  hopr tp drr u im Concert here in California this summer.

  • TommyF

    Sounds realy promesing!   Love it!!!

  • Mattiashallengren

    Super exciting! Not many new albums that come out these days are worth the time but if the rest of “Adlers” new album sounds like this ill buy it for sure.. Awesome oldschool rock song!!! 

  • Joe Styles

    Loved it!!!

  • Tatoosinner

    sounds  better  then gnr’s  last  album lol

  • Higher

    Steven always decides on Losers for VOcalists for his bands. This time IS PAR for That corse- generic 80s- UNcharismatic – flat Boring. Hes had 1 singer that had charisma & was a kickass vocalist- Tarsha.. & Steven blew that. I love Steven & wish he had a strong powerful Manager/Producer her would listen to & would launch his talent. – Song & Vocalist=Joke.

    • Jon Bernreuter

      Bullshit. Jacob is awesome.

      • Amber

         I agree. Jacob has a wonderful voice and he’s an amazing performer. =)

  • Skankdrummer

    Sounds a lot better than any poser rock band out today . Great melody guitar solos and loud solid drumming. Adler brings back arena rock ! 

  • Vincen~L.A.

    schweet!!! WELCOME BACK STEVE!!

  • L.J

    Rock & Fn’ Roll !

  • Tris


    Good job boys….more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Soundguy3811

    jacob from lynam has a amzing voice and puts on one hell of a show im from birmingham al where jacob is from and have seen them 100s of times

  • Jon Bernreuter

    Jacob played that solo, I’m almost positive. It sounds like him.

  • Colleen Maral

    Your song rock totally different sound that sound amazing and I live the song.

  • Cathye o

    welcome back steven.  pretty good.  missed the old days of gnr, sorry you were fired.  looking forward to more great stuff.  really good for 3 guys.  best of luck & enjoy hall of fame induction.    cathye o

  • Usuck


    • Rockit

      Maybe you need to change your diaper and a fresh bottle of formula! Adler Rocks!  USUCK!!!

  • Netaneln9

    This is really… GOOD. really looking forward for some new material!

  • Toni Gervin

    I like it can’t wait to hear some more songs~~

  • Ed Cieslawski

    Better than anything on Chinese Democracy.

  • Lucas Haynes

    Pretty much just a straight forward generic rock song in all sense. Not a bad song though. Safe attempt for a first single

  • Jeff Trapani

    Slight Pearl Jam influence from Pearl Jam’s unreleased song alone at minute 1:00 Generally a good song. Nothing groundbreaking but good to hear Steven on the drums again. 

  • Agonyzchild

    very main stream

  • Johnny Sixx

    Steven’s back…hellz yeah!

  • MLD

    I like it alot!!! Keep rockin Steven

  • BCross

    good to see he’s not playing in a guns n’ roses cover band anymore took 22 years get over that i guess but this sounds pretty good

  • Dirty Harry

    Great track. Get yer ass back over to the Uk!!!

  • Jerrywest1972

    liked it might even buy it

  • Jam Fan

    Sounds like it belong in the 80’s…which may or may not necessarily be a bad thing.

  • Ranger Jackson

    Wow this is amazing. Sounds really good I’m really liking the vocals.

  • Www Ledeev

    guitar riffs are always welcomed, thanks!

  • Jonesie321

    really sounds good

  • Colleen Maral

    I love this song especially at this time cause my realationship has went to shit this lasr week after 28yrs.

  • Robbie Mackinnon

    its a great song

  • hannu h

    oh, there’s the cowbell.. :))

  • BAMstutz

    Pretty Cool

  • Travis Allred

    It just is…yet that makes it so much better than almost anything out there these days. 

  • Colleen Maral

    This is a great song the words are words people can relate too and feel good when they hear it. Cause it has different means to people. 

  • Colleen Maral

    the cowbell I love it when you hit that cowbell now i have to buy one for my drum set still wondering what sticks u use Steven?

  • Jessecafin

    Amazing better than gnr which sucks since axl rose redone it.

  • Gemjones

    Killer stuff

  • Kevin David

    Love it Steven! You’ve done it my brother and I look forward to seeing you play next time I’m in the area or you’re in mine. Riverside County isn’t that far from Hollywood so I hope you guys will consider coming this direction sometime soon as well.

    Keep up the great work my friend, YOU deserve good things!

  • Insanitybliss2001

    Damn good stuff Steven!!!!!


    ex GNR bandmembers put out better f#$%%^N MUSIC THAN AXL’S band rose n roses

  • shae

    bit bon jovi sounding but nice and edgey rock

  • Colleen Maral

    Some people just don’t know how to appricate good rockin roll when they hear it not bon joviish at at all. It’s Adler new sound and it sounds great guys.

  • J_greenleader

    Studio mix sounds OK, won’t sound that full live.

  • Lastchild61

    Really? Sounds like every band on Sirius Octane. 

    And the LOOK? OMG, enough of that silly black stuff bought in a boutique.

  • BobR

    Awesome… I love stuff like this!!!

  • Ultrasonexcorp


  • lastcivilwar

    hey i like it, but i guess you can make it better, comon steven! wheres that raw style that caracterizes you man 😀 i liked the song but i think you can really improve it :)

  • BrutalBenzy

    Wow not bad of a song,, keep up the good work.

  • Jemswede

    Excellent tune Adler!!!

  • Budman420x

    Very bon jovi

  • Muk

    good to hear you behind the drums steveo

  • Rib Boddin

    The song is let down by poor vocals, the world is full of singers who are not that special, but a few have some sort of aura/attitude, and this guy is rubbish. This is Adlers last chance and although with any singer it would be a slim chance, it is still a chance. I would ditch the singer and find somebody who can deliver. Bollocks! 

  • T.C.

    Don’t agree about the vocalist being shite. Song sounds well done but not really my cup of tea. I do believe kids (17-30) sill dig it! Glad to see ya rocking dude. I saw Guns open for Aerosmith in Cincy, Ohio (riverbend). My fav bands from 70’s & 80’s, one hell of a show! Peace

  • fbp

    great song now we need the rest of the album can’t wait

  • Andres Vargas

    sounds better than chinese democracy…. I’m pretty sure didn’t took more than 15 years on the make!!