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Mike Portnoy of Adrenaline Mob Picks His Five Favorite Covers

Mike Portnoy of Adrenaline Mob Picks His Five Favorite Covers

Drummer Mike Portnoy hasn't only played in many bands. He's covered many as well.

The former Dream Theater drummer — and current skinsman for Adrenaline Mob — has always been drawn to covers. He's such a fan, in fact, that Adrenaline Mob will be releasing Coverta, an EP packed with eight covers of songs ranging from Dio to The Doors.

"I'm a huge fan of covers," Portnoy says. "Doing covers is a chance to pay tribute to a favorite band, bring new life to an obscure gem, or perhaps help make a new generation of listeners aware of your influences. In any case, whether you play it safe and remain faithful to the original or completely rework and reinterpret the song, it's always fun!"

Revolver asked Portnoy to list his favorite covers:


1. Metallica, "Mercyful Fate Medley" "I was always a huge Mercyful Fate fan and Metallica did the ultimate tribute with this amazing medley of riffs from the classic Melissa and Don't Break the Oath albums. Tackling King Diamond's vocals could've been impossible, but James did some great reinterpretations."

2. Iron Maiden, "Cross Eyed Mary" "In the early days of Maiden, they would always record covers and extra B-sides for their 12-inch singles. This Jethro Tull cover was the B-side to "The Trooper" and tipped off Steve Harris' appreciation of classic prog."

3. Tool, "No Quarter" "Not many bands can cover Led Zeppelin and equal the original's greatness, but I think Tool came damn close with this amazing version of Zeppelin's moody and haunting classic."

4. Anthrax, "Bring the Noise" "Anthrax have always done so many great covers through the years, ranging from the expected (Kiss and Sabbath) to the not so expected (Radiohead, Journey and Boston). Here's an example of taking a cover that completely crosses over genres. Anthrax took this Public Enemy classic, gave it some serious balls and energy and kickstarted a metal and rap revolution that would reverberate for years. Forget about Run DMC doing "Walk This Way" ... this is where metal and rap really crossed over!"

5. Judas Priest, "Diamonds and Rust" and "The Green Manalishi" "Two great examples of covering songs and making them your own. How many of you out there didn't even realize these weren't written by Priest? That's right, these Judas Priest classics are actually covers of Joan Baez and Fleetwood Mac!"

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