Adrenaline Mob Premiere New Video, “Undaunted”

The hard-rock supergroup Adrenaline Mob—which features Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold fame, vocalist Russell Allen of Symphony X, and guitarist Mike Orlando—will release their debut full-length, Omertá, on March 13. You can get an early taste of the album below with the video for its first song, “Undaunted.” Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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  • TheReplacementKiller

    Mike probably threw his drumkit down at the end, cause this band just plain sucks and he just realized it after the video was recorded. Jesus, that was painful.

    • FuckTheHaters

      I’m sure your band is better and we’re going to see it soon on tour, right?

      • TheReplacementKiller

        I just think it’s a waste of talent. I’ve seen the guitarist and MP seperately and this is definitely not their best work. It’s way to mainstream coming from Portnoy who always pushed the drumming boundaries with his skill. And yes, my band’s putting out an EP soon. No, I don’t think any one band is better than any other. I just choose to not listen to this band because it’s lacking in the skill department as chosen by each player.

      • Richk515

        We can’t judge unless we are in a band? That’s idiotic. I can give you a great red wine that I love but you don’t like, does that mean you don’t know good wine? No, all it means is that you don’t like it. This is probably the worst thing that portnoy has put out. I think he’s a little pissed because dream theater came out with a phenomenal cd an he hasn’t.

        • FuckTheHaters

          You’re completely right, my friend. If you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it sucks.  I just got pissed off because of disrespect for their work.

        • Clibra9

          DT’s new album is GAY!!!! Prog posers!!!

  • Music

    Don’t like the video, but this is not a bad song. It’s simple metal, without a lot of arrangements. I prefer their work with DT or SX, but AM isn’t a horrible band.
    I think a lot of people critize them so much because of their incredible previous work and, of course, a lot of people do that because it’s so cool to say “oh, horrible”, “the worst thing I’ve ever heard” and things like that.
    Not the best band of the history? Obvious!! Not horrible and the worst? Obvious too. Simple direct music, that’s not bad, is another option. You can hear Rush an AM later and that doesn’t mean you are less cool

    • Stimmy

      I’m inclined to agree… Too many people are quick to judge negatively, and also judge bands like this based on their previous work. AM is NOTHING like DT or SX and should in NO WAY be compared as such. As far as people judging this as just plain metal or giving it a bad review need to keep in mind that this is a NEW BAND!!! Yes, they all have many years in the music industry separately, but that doesn’t guarantee that the music is going to be something  refined and award winning the moment they come together for their first album. Give it a chance to grow into the beast it has the potential to become. I for one liked it a lot! Definitely need more time to together as a band to build their relationship together and dial in their writing, but as for a debut album, I think it’s strong. Good job guys!

  • Dan Reynard

    Lots of video editing to cut out the two members that left the group already.

  • Sizzle68

    I prefer the work with SX and DT much better and more complex.  This is shit and routine

  • Rob

    drums and guitar are great…but with that singer, it makes them all sound like they are trying to sound too much like Black Label Society…prefer to listen to dream theater and any of Mike’s other projects…

  • Ricardo León Gomez R

    Excelente banda.

  • Miloman

    I absolutely DESPISE these growling vocalist! Everything else rocks, but this vocalist is terrible!

    • Bdias0

      You must deaf! It’s the only explanation.

  • Big Al

    My new most favorite workout song! Hell yeah this crushes!

  • Aftertimehaspassed


  • Nothing really good here

    Looks like MP doesn’t want to push the envelope anymore, this is boring.

  • Jon W

    why do people think every time Mike Portnoy or other extraordinary musician get behind their instrument a virtuoso clinic is supposed to take place.  This is well engineered written balls in your face rocker.  

  • mike garcia

    5 STARS

  • JusticeNinja

    I’ll admit, Russell’s vocals sound great, and Portnoy’s kit has never sounded like this before, but everything is so “been there, done that” with this group that I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it. It’s such a boring blend of modern hard rock and nu metal that you might as well just give me Disturbed, though I do prefer Russell’s vocals.

    Hell, I don’t even LIKE Disturbed. Maybe when you come out with something that I haven’t already heard I’ll pay attention, Mike.

  • Erik

    Isn’t this a 5 piece band? Why delete the two others?

    • FuckTheHaters

      They were 5 only for touring. Now they’re back to the band roots until they find another 2 guys.

      • Erik

         Thanks for the info.

  • Daniel Breistein


  • Christopher Black

    This Totally KICKS ASS good work!!

  • Roundhead14

    I thought there were 5 guys in the band….wow, they’re a trio….did you kick the other 2 out already?

  • Orkenspalter

    Sounds like Disturbed to me.

  • Adraskhar

    MP – what has happened to you? First A7X… now this? 

  • Richk515

    Boring. As justicenija said, just put on Disturbed. It’s the same. The guitarist is a John Petrucci wanna be but needs to drop 30 lbs to look exactly like him. Shame on you Mike. You’re golden w dream theater, transatlantic, Neil morse and even avenged sevenfold but this needs to go away. Don’t promote it anymore. I you want to rock, just do covers

  • M@

    Embarrassing tough guy lyrics (by 40 year old dudes) over generic Disturbed/Godsmack music with a horribly over-played solo thrown in for good measure.  

    If Russell takes away anytime from Symphony X for this, it will be a shame. 

  • Roundhead14

    There’s nothing wrong with this…radio oriented hard rock. Get off his ass wannabees. He’s out of DT. Get over it. AM is not a prog band. I say kudos to you Portnoy…he’s working with all kinds a dudes playing all kindsa music. Livin the dream in my estimation. If you guys want Dream Theater…go listen to Dream Theater. Why would he try to recreate Dream Theater with other players and do nothing but prog? There’s only one DT.

  • Adam D

    A far from great mix IMO, so incredibly loud, everything is right up front, and the triggering of the snare sound is pretty obvious. Russell can really do no wrong in my eyes, but I really prefer his older, cleaner style vocals in less recent Symphony X stuff. 

    It’s not bad by any means, but as many are saying, it’s the same stuff that’s already out there!

  • Ivan Kuvaldin

    cool song. shit video

  • Surgetecomp

    i like it sounds good 

  • Viceversaphotog

    Cool song…but…I hate seeing MP playing there n not with DT….damn!!!

  • dayal

    Didn’t like it. Nothing special in it.
    Let’s pray Russell doesn’t leave Symphony X for this…

  • FcMc

    Doesnt sound anything like Disturbed In my opinion lol. Too Many people Hating for little reason. AM is about Power and Agressive Music , I mean Just look at the Name. Of course it’s not going to be like Symphony X or Dream Theater. If Russel wanted to make music like in Symphony X he would never have started this Project. Just let them do whatever they want without all the hating.

  • Ivaylo Ivanov

    Mighty Mike and … nothing more. Teens maybe like it.

  • Usanthem_05

    Ummm…. I don’t hate it…but I don’t like it.

  • ma-double-t

    ‘Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold fame, ‘ <— cut this shit out. He helped out Avenged for like 2 seconds. We all love him more for Dream Theater .

  • Oscar O. Hidalgo G.

    The best metal voice. Passioned guitarist and the best bestial drummer.

  • Alan Keller Jr.

    its all terrible here.  generic bro-metal.  was this sponsored by affliction?

  • Dick

    cool song-shitty video

  • Tsavage68

    Why is it that every time I see mike portnoy’s name on a new project we see mike portnoy of dream theater and avenged sevenfold fame. I love both bands and look forward to his new projects, but shut the hell up about the avenged sevenfold stuff. He filled in was never a member really. Does he put this in or the magazines to have cred with the younger fans not familiar with dream theater

  • sneakily1

    Killer groove, aggressive melody… I finally get AM. Badass guys, I’m converted now!

  • Ferchini el maestrini

    pretty cool! ,better than i expected

  • Alex – Brazil

    Awesome!!!Muc better than I expected!

    • Alex – Brazil

      Much better!

  • Manny

    It’s ok, I guess. But didn’t enjoy it that much. Sounds like Disturbed or any other hard rock band. If Portnoy and Allen wanted to do a mainstream rock band, they might as well show off some of their real skill. Idk, try to do a rock band with a twist; something that makes you say: “Damn, MP and RA definitively are in this band!!” I hope the rest of the songs are better.
     PS. I still think MP is the best drummer in the world. 

  • Mrflakey

    Fucking awesome perfect rock- its got it all a great hook Great melody and it has kick assery all over it!!

  • Hufu Man

    What a stupid, generic topic for a song. Total waste of talent. Allen is so much smarter than this. 

  • Tech_ft

    badass song

  • uke

    Great intensive song

  • Jt31

    Yawnnn…  so sick of middle aged men going through mid life crises acting half their age.  Grow up, MP.

  • everest


  • Eagle2679

    this song rocks i like the guitar solo is bad ass.

  • Kingdad

    That was friggin awesome

  • Mikemunn

    they are a very tight outfit looking forward to hearing the rest of the album

  • Brigittelewis71

    i liked it!

  • hendrix777

    where is the bassplayer????

  • Bd

    Portnoy left DT to make watered down NickleCreed records?

  • Danstealy

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Hey Mike, tune in Feb 12th (CBS,8pm) for the Grammy Awards. Just hope Dream Theater doesn’t win, because the amount of egg on your face will be flat-out embarrassing!

  • HA

    Oh great.  Another band that a group of mid life crisis washed up musicians formed.  I give this band three years tops before they disband.  Mike Portnoy will go crawling back to Dream Theater and beg for his old job back.  This music is mediocre at best.  No  originality to it whatsoever.

  • Why is my MILK greeeen???

    BALLS. This has BALLS. DT’s latest album lacks continuity, direction, purpose and drive… – this music isn’t groundbreaking but definitely has more balls than any mid-life crisis I’ve ever heard of before.

  • Saseder

    Nothing special, just ok sound, compression and studio work