AFI Premiere New Music Video, “I Hope You Suffer”

AFI have released the music video for their new single, “I Hope You Suffer,” which comes off their highly anticipated comeback album, Burials, due out October 22. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Jason

    It’s not bad.. but then again I was never a huge AFI fan.

  • Antonio Lopez

    The video is simple and I like that. It suits the song well. I absolutely love the song.

  • Matt

    I like the song a lot. Davey’s vocals are a bit more aggressive than usual which suits the lyrical content. The video is stylish. All in all, it makes me even less patient to hear the new album than I was already.

  • Danny

    Not a fan. This song seems very repetitive and simple for AFI. I’m hoping this isn’t what the rest of the cd sounds like. I like the general sound of the song, I just wish it was more complex both lyrically and instrumentally.

    Also I didn’t dig the simplicity of the video. I mean, most of their videos are just of them playing, but at least The Leaving Song, and Days of the Phoenix are more active and intense. This seemed too subdued, or too cool to be passionate.

    Lastly, the upside down cross, it makes me wonder if they are just showing that image to be edgy and get some controversy. If so, bad form guys, bad form.

    • shadowhog

      AFI is anti-christian. Of course it’s controversy, and I’m glad they are still showing it even while making almost generic post-grunge music.

      Fuck Christians too.

  • Vertigozeroplex

    This video is all about feeling the frustration and pain Davey sings about that we have all experienced before in our life. I have been a fan of AFI for over 10 years and own all their cds (well expect for the few EPs and Dork). This band will never stay in one style of music so if you found them when they came out with Sing the Sorrow than you are in for a surprise when you back track their music history. They are getting older and will keep chaning and I love it.


    I love this song and I am a HUGH fan of AFI.