Album of the Week: Brimstone Coven, ‘Brimstone Coven’


In last week’s Album of the Week poll, you, the fans, voted Brimstone Coven to the top spot, for their album ‘Brimstone Coven.’ Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. Brimstone Coven – Brimstone Coven
2. Godsmack – 1000hp
3. Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind
4. Vandenberg MoonKings – Vandenberg MoonKings
5. Wovenwar – Wovenwar

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live tomorrow on Until then, you can check out Brimstone Coven’s “Children of the Sun” from ‘Brimstone Coven’ below:


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  • Debbie Hammel

    Woohoo!! Congrats to Brimstone Coven! They deserve the recognition! :)

  • turd

    too bad everyone voted 10 billion times for the same crap band.

    • Melissa

      Really?!?! Wtf! Too bad TURDS like you have to be so negative! Btw… Nice name… I think Asshole would have suited you better!

      • Justin Swoyer

        Really?!?! Wtf! Too bad TURDS like you have to be so negative! Btw…Nice name… I think Asshole wo…oh wait, Melissa beat me to it

    • Truth

      Listen to the original album that Dan Hercules played drums. Sound exactly the same to me. So who really played drums guys? Seriously? Dan, you may wanna check it out man. Brimstone stole an artists work for the album cover too. Just saying. Oh & Swoyer, keep sucking that musical cock. Flattering will get you no where. Only true talent does.

      • Justin Swoyer

        ***LOVE*** that musical cock! Good to know that I at least have the balls to not hide behind a fake name. BTW, who the hell is Dan Hercules? And the artist of the album made the cover work for the band. Don’t know where you get your info from but, hey, best of luck going into the 6th grade this year, kid! KEEP ON ROCKN!

        • You’re Buggin’

          Dan Hercules was their old drummer according to their website and they admitted on FB in February that they stole an album cover from another band.

          • Justin Swoyer

            His name is Dan Hough, not Hercules, but that could’ve easily been overlooked. And no, they did not steal their album cover. It was designed by a local artist named Creighton. But I must just be “buggin'”, right? RIGHT? Buggin!

          • You’re Buggin’

            Google “brimstone coven mike bukowski” without the quotes and just read their FB post that ADMITS they stole an album cover from another band. And whatever his real name is, their own website calls him Dan Hercules.

          • Justin Swoyer

            The album released on Metal Blade was designed by Creighton. The post on Facebook you’re referencing is from February and prior to all this. They used the previous cover on their original release, found after the fact that it was owned by someone else, apologized and removed it so I don’t think that constitutes as “stealing” but rather a mistake and they owned up to it and they, along with everyone else, seemed to have moved on.

            If you’re a fan then enjoy the music. You made your point, you hid well behind a fake name and shook your finger. Good job, hats off and party on.

          • You’re Buggin’

            Mistake? They “lifted” (as THEY put it) it off the internet, erased two bands names and wrote in theirs. Just look at the pic, it’s crazy. Then got caught and paid money off, that doesn’t undo it. Plagiarism=stealing.

          • Justin Swoyer

            Rock on wit’ yo bad self!

  • Justin Swoyer

    CONGRATULATIONS to Brimstone Coven! Awesome job for a debut album on Metal Blade! Congratz to the other top four bands all of those in the poll, bad ass metal all around!