Album of the Week: Dream Theater, Live At Luna Park DVD

In this week’s Album of the Week poll, you, the fans, voted Dream Theater to the top spot, for their album Live At Luna Park DVD. Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. Dream Theater – Live At Luna Park DVD
2. Impending Doom – Death Will Reign
3. Stryper – No More Hell To Pay
4. The Melvins – Tres Cabrones
5. Paradise Lost – Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live tomorrow on Until then, you can check out Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” off Live At Luna Park DVD below:


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  • Christian Sander

    You must be kidding…. TERRIBLE sounding concert! It’s all guitars!!! Terrible disappointment because it could have been so great! :-/

    • Willem te Breskens

      So what? John Petrucci is only the greatest guitar player in the world. Apart from that I totally disagree with you. It’s an awesome dvd of the best band in the world.

      • Christian Sander

        But this is not a JP concert, its a DT concert! And part of DTs sound – a major part – is JR and his keys…. And they got totally fu***d in this mix! That is not a matter of oppinion btw. You can not mind that,but you cannot possibly state that this is an “equal opportunity” mix!

        • Willem te Breskens

          I listened and watched the dvd four times the last couple of days and I still don’t agree with. May I? Maybe I’m more of a guitar man than you, but I’m totally happy with JR’s part. Also this dvd shows to me that they’re more a band than they were in the Mike Portnoy area. Just an opinion, so feel free to think otherwise.

    • Michael Freeman

      I wouldn’t describe it as terrible but the keyboards could have been quite a bit more prominent. The DVD could have been so much better

      • Christian Sander

        Well for me – personally – it ruined the concert as there is only a handful of songs (and the solos) where I don’t go “AAAAAAaaaaaah, this could have been so aawweesooome” and then skip to the next song. I so wanted to love this, but I just cannot. And as this release took ages to actually be released I can imagine that the band has not been that happy with it either…

        • Anders Jensen

          i dont have that problem in my homecinema system. sounds great here!

  • Eccentric Being

    Did any of you bother to check your blu ray firmware upgrades or the sound settings of your DVD players? There is a certain setting on the players which is causing the sound problem.

  • Erwin

    Just buy a good system and then you will hear how great it sounds…