Album of the Week: Fungonewrong, ‘Fungonewrong’


In last week’s Album of the Week poll, you, the fans, voted Fungonewrong to the top spot, for their album ‘Fungonewrong.’ Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. Fungonewrong – Fungonewrong
2. Yakuza – Kabuki Mono
3. Mutilation Process – Flesh Eaters
4. SOS – Strength and Conditioning
5. AOV – Act of Violence

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live tomorrow on Until then, you can check out Fungonewrong’s “Cry Me a River.”


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  • Newton

    i THOUGHTso.

  • Johnny S. Iron

    Sweet ASS JUSTICE!!!! FGW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Brewster

    Are we still getting cheeseburgers?

  • James Pennington

    i prayed for metal band like this years ago thank you FUNGONEWRONG and thank you metal gods!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @rrrcox

    Damn good fun! Best new band out in ages! I still miss GWAR, but this will help fill that hole!

    • Johnny S. Iron

      They will double penetrate the hole and gang bang it! FGW RULES!!!