Album of the Week: HIM, XX: Two Decades of Love Metal

With nearly 70,000 votes cast overall for our Album for the Week poll, you elected Finland’s HIM as the winners with their  XX: Two Decades of Love Metal compilation. Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. HIM – XX: Two Decades of Love Metal
2. Otep – Sounds Like Armageddon
3. Davey Suicide – Put Your Trust In Suicide EP
4. While She Sleeps – This Is the Six
5. Isis – Temporal

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live on Wednesday, November 14. Until then, you can check out HIM’s “Strange World” off  XX: Two Decades of Love Metal below:


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  • June

    HIM Fans are the greatest!!!

  • June666

    HIM fans are the greatest

  • Moi

    HIM fans did it again!

  • Ro


  • bathroy

    HIM 666 FANS!!!

  • Burlesquee Doll

    HIM <3

  • Yvonne

    HIM Forever!!!!

  • Gothica

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIM IS THE BEST m/

  • Clara Lestrange

    Woohoo!! Go HIM<3

  • theforgotten

    We are amazing! Great job to all who if were could only turn that number of votes into number of album sales for the band, that would be fantasic.

  • nicki_splinge

    we did it again. wtg HIMsters!!

  • 93Al3jandra

    I’m really happy HIM won 😀 I find it quite ignorant when certain people refer to HIM’s music as “emo”. I am a fan and I am definetly not emo, I would actually consider myself as an enthusiastic and happy person. I am a working 19 year old who is in school full time and working, I am proud of all my accomplishments and I have HIM to thank for that. I listen to their music because it is beautiful, pure poetry, and not because I sit on the floor cutting my wrists. HIM is truly an inspiration and they deserve more recognition.

  • 93Al3jandra

    HIM has an amazing fan base! Great job everyone! 😀 strong dedication!

  • Lu Rz


  • Katherine Screamworks Pl

    What can I say more, great band, great music and great compilation. Heartagram hugs from POLAND sends Katherine with Polish Him Street Team and Heartagram Poland – Polish Him Fan Club 😀

  • Dannette-Diva Dee Fee

    This is for all the Otep “tribe” that were talking all the SMACK during the contest. HIM fans aka HIMlings & HIMsters spoke! HIM is the CLEAR WINNER! ENOUGH SAID!!! IN YOUR FACE “tribe” lol

  • Weird Chan


  • Ridhuan Shah Md Noor


  • Ana

    HIM Forever!!!!