Album of the Week: My Ransomed Soul, Falsehoods

In this week’s Album of the Week poll, which saw nearly 70,000 votes cast, you, the fans, voted My Ransomed Soul to the top spot, for their album, Falsehoods. Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. My Ransomed Soul – Falsehoods
2. Sevendust – Black Out the Sun
3. The Color Morale – Know Hope
4. Sinners to Saints – The Greatest of These
5. Kvelertak – Meir

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live tomorrow on Until then, you can check out My Ransomed Soul’s “Call to Arms” off Falsehoods below:


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  • Guest

    This band rules so hard

  • Rob

    April Fools right?

  • jtc

    In no way does a group of 10-20 kids voting til they’re timed out, over and over justify Album of the Week…the music speaks for itself. See how many likes the win generates…

    • jtc

      A day later and their initial announcement of victory on FB had 25 likes. Tried it again with a second post and it got 12 likes. Nothing fishy…just got 20 diehard fans, which is awesome for you guys, but album of the week….hardly deserved. Not trying to bash MRS, they’re good at what they do, but on a one vote per fan poll, you wouldn’t have had such luck.
      Boo Revolver for have stupid polls where things like this could happen. Thought you guys were better than that.

      If this sounds negative towards MRS, I apologize and wish you all the best in your musical journey.

  • Michelle

    Congrats to My Ransomed Soul!!!

  • JP

    I have a hard time believing that a band this obscure could have enough fans to produce more votes than the fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Sevendust, or even Sebastian Bach.

  • Sean Dastrup

    lol, this is retarded. No matter how much anybody voted, Sevendust (a nearly 2 decade veteran) didn’t gain any ground on a band that nobody has ever heard of. I declare the vote RIGGED. My Ransomed Soul is okay. Average. That is about it.

  • Rob

    This song on here by Ransomed Soul has to be fake! There is no way a song like this could be liked. The singing and Lyrics? Are you kidding? I could have sang a better song, or album. :/

  • 7Dfan

    *cough* RIGGED! *cough*