Alice in Chains Debut New Song, “Stone”

Alice In Chains’s new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which is due out on May 28, is available for preorder on iTunes. Those who preorder it will receive an istant download new single music can receive an instant download of new single “Stone.” You can stream the song below; let us know what you think in the comments.

The band, who grace the cover of the new issue of Revolver magazine, will perform “Stone” April 10 on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Stone” follows the album’s hugely successful first single “Hollow,” which hit No. 1 on both the Mainstream and Active Rock radio charts, while its companion video has amassed more than a million views on YouTube.


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  • Joshua Patrick Odell Fields

    I love it, Chains back to form, many people will never let them live the Layne thing down, but I think this holds up to their classic material, it has everything I look for in an AIC tune.

  • Christopher Warren

    AWESOME!!!! Tons of respect for a band that has been through what they have (losing Lane) and bouncing back the way they have! Beyond stoked for the new AIC album!

  • Brandon Wall

    I was so stoked when “Hallow” hit No. 1 because that meant the local rock station would be playing something good ten times a day instead of the mediocre crap they play ad nauseum, So song sounds great, and I look forward to whenever the radio stations will get around to adding it to their “New Rock” playlist that is currently full of songs that are over six months old.

  • stillife27

    nice song, the riff is pretty good

  • Del Parrish

    I miss Layne, but this band still rocks!!!

  • Fred Farmer

    no Layne, no AIC. Great tune though.

  • Chaotic_Neutral

    With short hair, Jerry looks like that one McPoyle brother now.

  • Shevantha Abeyasekera

    This song sounds amazing. First time I heard “hollow” it blew me away and I got the same reaction when I shared it with my friends. Can’t wait to see what the entire album has to offer.Looking forward to release date.

  • Justin Mccombs

    they stay true to the music and you can hear layne in this new stuff with, thats what makes it so eerie

  • Nicholas72611

    I hope Jerry grows his hair back :(

  • effjay4

    Just as good as Hollow. Very strong stuff.

  • Jason Paul Acosta

    Awesome Song, Like they never went away!!