Alice In Chains Reveal New Album Cover and Release Date

Revolver‘s April/May cover stars, Alice In Chains have announced more information on their new record, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

The band’s fifth album will be released May 14 and includes 11 tracks.The album art and track list is below.


01. Voices
02. Low Ceiling
03. Stone
04. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
05. Hollow
06. Lab Monkey
07. Hung On A Hook
08. Pretty Done
09. Breath On A Window
10. Choke
11. Phantom Limb


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  • Phil Cady

    Weaksauce. I love AiC and wish them the best, but just like a lot of artists, their best work was produced when they were young and all fucked up.

    • Gary Petersen

      yep, agreed

    • kelvira

      “weaksauce”? You really used that LAME expression? And you think “their best work was produced when they were young and all fucked up”? I guess you’re too ignorant to have even truly known all their music, and to have bothered to acquaint yourself with their NEW music. (And, honestly, “weaksauce”??), that’s the LAMEST expression from the ’90’s, when my husband says that, we all LAUGH at him, LIVE IN THE NOW!!! I’m thinking that since you use the expression “weaksauce”, you were and aren’t COOL ENOUGH to even understand Alice in Chains. DORK ALERT. Buh-BYE.

    • Del Parrish

      That seems to be a recurring theme in rock music.

      I do like Black Gives Way to Blue, and I do like Hollow, so we’ll see.

  • Cody Dionne


  • kelvira

    I LOVE AiC, they’re my favorite band EVER, And I love and respect the message in their new album; I always feel that Jerry is in my head. If you can’t support them, then STFU.

    My only question is, WHY did Jerry cut his hair?

    AiC got me thru the hardest times in my life. I saw them LIVE twice in 2010, and they were the best concerts I’ve ever been to….and that includes seeing Led Zep in 1977 in Oakland.

    Stop hating. Life changes, we adapt. Give praise that AiC wants to move forward and EVOLVE. No, it’s not gonna be the same as when Layne was here, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be GREAT. And they are still GREAT. Jerry kicks ass, still, AiC kicks ass, If you wanna talk shit, remember what your Mama told you, if you can’t say anything NICE, then don’t say anything at all.

    Thank you, Jerry(and Sean) , for keeping AiC alive.