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Anchored Stream Entire Debut Album, 'Listen to This'

Anchored Stream Entire Debut Album, 'Listen to This'

Hard rockers Anchored premiered their NSFW video for the song "Savior" here on Revolver last month. Now they're letting us premiere their entire Listen to This album. Frontman Brandon Narrell fills us in on the album below the stream. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

REVOLVER This is your debut. How did you approach this album?
BRANDON NARREL In the past, I was in heavier bands but always wanted to do something different. I wanted to have a band that could cross all borders. I still love the heavy stuff but now days I like to kick back and have fun, see people smile, just let go, and enjoy the good times. We have been fortunate enough to tour the nation and Canada several times and meet all different kinds of people that we have had a blast with because Anchored and our sound is about making people happy.

What are your favorite tracks on the new album and why?
My favorites would have to be “Dirty in Texas,” “Last Night,” and “By Your Side.” I love “Dirty in Texas” because is about a state that I’ve always loved. I’m from Alaska but Texas is home now. Texas has it’s own way of life and I tried to throw the way we live down here into a song that everyone can enjoy. “Last Night” is about a relationship gone bad we’ve all had a few. People out there that in the dating game will relate to having a few too many drinks and good time but then not remembering what was said and done and sometimes never seeing that person again. “By Your Side” is about having someone’s back for the long haul. You might have a ton of so called friends but in reality there’s only a few that no matter what will be “By Your Side.”

The song “Dirty in Texas” was used by the Dallas Cowboys and played at all home games this season. How did that come about and what kind of feedback have you received from fans hearing it games?
The Cowboys version is actually called “Rowdy in Texas.” We were so stoked to see it come to fruition. The Cowboys contacted us and let us know how much they liked “Dirty In Texas” but wanted a version that talked about football and football fans. I rewrote the words on our tour bus in Salt Lake City while we were on the road, sent it to them, and kept my fingers crossed that they would like it. Fortunately they did and started spinning it at the games. You can get a free download of the rowdy version on our website. So far we’ve had a tremendous response from the Cowboys fans and ours. We feel blessed to be associated with their organization and are glad our fans enjoy it even if that’s not their team.

Tell us your dirtiest road story...
[Laughs] There are so many. I guess one of would be a night that we had played in a place we don’t remember, and his girl kept trying to feed us drinks all night and get on our bus. There was already a few lovely ladies on the bus having a good ol’ time and needless to say they lost their clothes. Anyway this chick finally managed to get on and first thing we saw were two gigantic sweater kittens walkin’ up the stairs into the lounge. Now here is where I have to do some censoring and name protection, but she started trying to give out lap dances to no avail but the sickest part was, she had just had a baby and proceeded to start squirting the other girls with some grade C 100 percent breast milk in hopes to get them off the bus. Let’s just say that she was asked to leave but we did have it in hearts to give her a box of raisin bran on her way out.

What is it you want people to take away from listening to this record?
I hope it makes them happy and they can relate to the words and feel the vibe of the music. We are very thankful for everyone’s support. We can’t wait to see everyone when we hit the road in a few days and we will be out most of the year. Big thanks again to revolver for your continued support! It gonna be a great year.

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