Anthrax’s Frank Bello Pays Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

Thursday marks seven years since Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell was killed onstage. Over the next few days, we will be posting remembrances of him by his friends. Today, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello looks back fondly on his time with the axman, who contributed solos to Anthrax’s Stomp 442, Volume 8, and We’ve Come for You All albums. The thrash icons’ latest, Worship Music, contains the song “In the End,” which pays tribute to Dime and Ronnie James Dio. The new, 100th issue of Revolver, which is available here and on newsstands on December 13, features a free pull-out poster of Dimebag.

“We were so close to him. He was one of us. Dimebag was the sixth member of Anthrax, because he played on the last few records. I thought paying tribute to him in song was a great idea.

“I lost a brother 13 years ago. He was murdered. And then to have Dimebag go in such a bad, traumatic way—he’s one of our brothers. Dimebag was like a brother to me.

“We had a lot of good times. That Anthrax-Pantera tour [in 1997], that was a scary tour. The shows were great. But on that tour, I brought a parasite home with me from Mexico in my stomach. So I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach including liquor. Now imagine being on a Pantera tour without drinking liquor. At one point, it was so bad because everything I put in my body, it was like a funnel–it came right out of my body. So I would have to run from these guys and hide. Because Dime’s chasing me with this Black Tooth [Grin, Dime’s signature drink, which was a shot of Crown Royal or Seagrams 7 with a splash of Coke]. He’d be yelling, ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’ So I’m shooting this thing with a beer right after it.

“Dude, I swear to God, as soon as it went in my system, I was right on the bowl. So I laugh at that now, because I remember Dime laughing at me. As soon as I shot the Black Tooth, he’d go, ‘You’ve gotta go now, right?’ And he’d laugh. It was a great time. Of course it was painful for me, but it was a great thing for Dimebag. Those are the things you remember. It’s a time in your life I’ll never forget. I love them and I miss them. Only the good die young.”

Dimebag photo by Lorinda Sullivan


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  • Typeonathan

    R.I.P The most badass guitarist of all time!

  • Allwaxdup

    baddest dude to ever pick up a guitar! i feel the fuckin loser who shot dime ripped me off of years of kick ass riffs!  rip dimebag king shred!

  • Onealsn05

    I met him and vinny in 92,those dudes were the coolest

  • Sonny

    R.I.P NR:1

  • Stephen Belken

    R.I.P. Black Tooth forever

  • Kirsten

    My husband and I absolutely love Dime. He’s got 2 Dimebag guitars, the Dime-O-Flame and the Dimebag from Hell.  When he saw that Dimebag was 92nd in the list, he called me and freaked out. “Dimebag should be number one. Why is he so far down on the list??”

    Rest in peace, Dime. You will forever be missed.

  • Jonas

    R.I.P. My hero. Dimebag Darrel you will never be forgotten! It’s you who gave me inspiration with the pig squealing and the GOT DAMN GOOD TASTE OF MUSIC! MAY THE METAL SPIRIT NEVER DIE !

  • Bill

    My son was born on the same night. I remember sitting in the hospital watching it all unfold on the news.

    • JD

      Make your son play guitar.

      • Nthib91

        lol. Dime’s reincarnation? XD

  • Marleyzghost


    Thanks for contributing to my life’s soundtrack. You will never be forgotten.

    E. Marley

  • Rockerchick

    RIP Dimebag Darrell……you left a tremendous legacy and you may be gone… but you will never be forgotten…thanks for the great music and your shredding guitar riffs……Horns Up to you in the Rock N Roll Heavens above..You were one of the best Guitar Players Ever!!

  • Blaktooth

    you are a legend beyond what you ever could have imagined in my eyes, and a million plus that share the same thought. Dude yer humor even though I’m not a friend or an aquiantace. I got it, I was with you all the way, we would have been horrible for each other if friends but fuck we would have laughed…..I play inspired by you everyday, just picked up a Washburn stealth USA 3st, its the real shit. I’ve got the Trendkill 333 autographed by you, the ML flames, ML tribute brazillaburst, another Washburn 333 blue bolt, a stupid camo Washburn V signature, Both Dean and Washburn slime greens ! w/ Bill Lawrence USA ( just to try it, its shit)1 with a Dimebucker not bad,the rest with real Bill & Becky Lawrence in the bridge and 59’s in the neck, also have the green slime Randall Warhead x2 with slime green cab, there are so few of them I think they were meant for you. 2 or 3 autograph pics. Also have an MXR rack mount Flanger/ Doubleser…..And tried out and kept your Dime Amp by Dean fuckin Rocks… low cost metal amp on the market by FAR! Try it people……

  • Blaktooth

    R.I.P Dime that was one of the shittiest days of my life Dec. 8, 2004. I’ve caught eye contact with you at shows and upstairs I hope its more than that. You are my lives legend, and you were taken way to soon. How much we were robbed of and to his family god bless…..

  • eduardo castellanos

    rest in peace bro see you soon

  • Spurry76

    I will NEVER forget:  GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL tour ’94 i think?, Newcastle, Australia. moshing only meters in front of dimebag darrell giving me 1 of the best memories of Music ( & the sorest neck lol) i have eva had & nearly 20 years on there have been a few. R.I.P dimebag. you will never be forgoten bro

  • iDiano Bag Darrell


  • Cesar_5321


  • Psdude22

    Just still speechless to this day..cheers to you my Texas Vato m/