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Anthrax's Scott Ian on His Favorite Big Four Songs

Anthrax's Scott Ian on His Favorite Big Four Songs

In honor of the Big 4 Festival in California and the coming one in New York this September, Revolver has put out The Big Four special collector’s issue, chronicling the history of thrash metal’s most legendary bands. The magazine is on newsstands now, as well as available online here. While making the issue, we talked to some of the Big Four’s most heralded musicians about their favorite songs from the other bands. Today, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian tells us about his favorite Slayer song.

“My favorite songs from the other bands in the Big Four? OK, that’s a tough one. With Slayer, it’s ‘Postmortem’ going into ‘Raining Blood.’ It will be that combo [off 1986’s Reign in Blood]. With Metallica, it will be—oh, that’s so hard. You know what? I’ll say ‘Master of Puppets.’ And with Megadeth, it’s definitely gonna be something off the first album [1985’s Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good!]. I’m gonna go with ‘Loved to Deth,’ actually, which I fucking wish they would play. [Laughs]”

Photo by Andy Buchanan

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