Appetite for Destruction: Asking Alexandria in New Issue of Revolver

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ASKING ALEXANDRIA are poised to be metal’s next big thing. That is, if the band’s “Terror Twins” DANNY WORSNOP and BEN BRUCE don’t drink, drug, f**K, and fight themselves to death first.

By Jon Wiederhorn | Photos by Travis Shinn

Moments after stumbling out of a hotel bed in which two lingerie-clad strippers still rest, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce grabs a large, empty bottle of Jim Beam and smashes it into a dresser mirror. Then he grabs a full bottle of whisky and starts his hair-of-the-dog morning drinking routine. Another day, another opportunity to meet oblivion.

Later that afternoon, Bruce, vocalist Danny Worsnop, guitarist Cameron Liddell, bassist Sam Bettley, and drummer James Cassells meet up in the famed Viper Room in Los Angeles to down shots and drink beers with porn star Belladonna. Everyone’s in good spirits until Worsnop accidentally knocks over a beer, which spills onto a clean-cut frat boy in a Boston Red Sox cap. Words are exchanged, then shoving ensues. No sooner does a full-fledged fight begin than Worsnop cracks the jock over the head with a bottle. As the dude slumps to the ground, the rest of Asking Alexandria kick and stomp him while their song “Reckless & Relentless” blasts in the background.

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The scenario is the first of three vignettes in the band’s 2012 longform video “Through Sin and Self Destruction.” The hedonism and violence depicted in the mini-movie might seem like mere hyperbole coming from most modern metal bands—an illustration of how tough, dangerous, and off the rails they fantasize themselves to be. Asking Alexandria’s real-life antics, however, make “Through Sin and Self Destruction” look like a Pixar movie.

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Since they burst out of the U.K., the now-L.A.-based band members have blazed a path of destruction littered with near-fatal overdoses, inebriated shows, outrageous sex acts, and trashed hotel rooms. They’ve gotten into bloody fistfights with one another, nearly broken up the band multiple times, and been busted by their girlfriends for cheating.

Bruce’s girl eventually forgave his indiscretions and the two are now engaged. Worsnop wasn’t so lucky. “I was with her for two years and she put up with a lot from me,” the singer sighs. “I guess things reach a point where you can’t put up with them anymore. And it’s left me really empty and been one of the things that has helped destroy me.”

Before his significant other dumped him, Worsnop actually seemed to headed in the right direction. He finally quit drinking six months ago and vowed to be more dedicated to her and the band. But clean living didn’t suit the singer, who substituted drugs for alcohol. While Asking Alexandria were completing their new and third full-length album, Worsnop pulled a disappearing act and spent nearly a week on a coke bender. He shut off his cell phone and checked into a hotel. Neither his management nor his label were able to pin him down as he blew off five scheduled interviews with Revolver. Finally, after a close friend located him, Worsnop was quarantined in the house of the president of his label and encouraged to get clean. Though he appears straight when we finally get the chance to talk with him, it’s unclear how long he can remain in control.

“It’s too early to tell,” he admits during a confessional, sometimes frightening conversation. “It’s not like I go looking for it all the time, but it always seems to find me. And if it’s there, I’ll end up doing it.”

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