As I Lay Dying Singer Tim Lambesis Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Sting

Tim Lambesis (pictured above, center), the lead singer from metal band As I Lay Dying, was arrested yesterday in Southern California. Authorities said he tried to hire an undercover detective to kill his estranged wife.

Lambesis, 32, was arrested at a store in Oceanside, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The statement added that said detectives received information last Thursday that Lambesis had solicited someone to kill his wife, who lives in Encinitas. A task force from several law enforcement agencies launched an investigation that led to Lambesis’ arrest.

That’s all we know at the moment, but stay tuned for updates as we get them!

As I Lay Dying formed in San Diego in 2000 and has released six albums, including the hugely popular An Ocean Between Us from 2007 and their latest effort, Awakened, which was released in September 2012.

According to the band’s website, As I Lay Dying are scheduled to tour the US later this month.


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  • Revolver Fan

    He’s got more money than brains obviously. Just because he’s rich he thinks he can get away with having someone else kill his wife? Deserved to be caught. Dumba$$

  • Fuggitall

    He’s not rich, stupid yes but not rich… metal artist don’t get rich very often… especially the heavier bands. Hell Slayer isn’t rich!

    • Revolver fan

      He even admitted during an interview with Dave Navarro that he has made more salary than he would of ever imagined because of his ” muscle ” image. He doesn’t just recieve income from being in AILD. He also recieves income from muscle pharm for promoting their business. So yes he does have more money than brains because if he had brains he would say gee it’s 2013 and you hear on the media daily about people being caught for murder for hire. You can’t get away with it.

    • Tony Streetman

      It is reported that he has $14,000,000.

      Kerry King is reported to have $15,000,000.
      Tom Araya is reported to have $14,000,000.
      Jeff Hanneman was reported to have $14,000,000.

      Each of these people is quite rich.

  • Jennifer Noble

    I’m shocked by this.

  • TheDarkArtist

    Guys in metalcore bands are fucking creepy. Even dudes in black metal and death metal bands aren’t as fucking psychotic as these steroid popping nutjobs.

    • Revolver fan

      Hey I’ll agree with that. F$&@ metalcore. Just pure metal and death metal are best. F$&@ the rest. Metalcore are just homos who figured they went through puberty and now they can scream a bunch of nonsense

  • Paleface

    What a bozo.

  • Cthulu

    I thought ole’ Timmy was supposed to be a Christian. Hey Timmy, you know what Jebus says about hiring someone to kill your ex-wife?….. Don’t.